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The Thank You Note is Alive and Well

A great product and a worthy cause give e-commerce retailers the competitive edge, but amazing customer service will make them unstoppable.

Customer service pros know what’s up.
Among the keynotes at this year’s Internet Retailers Conference and Exhibition (IRCE), one theme was apparent: Customers want to be seen and valued.
Warby Parker has an 86 Net Promoter Score (the standard in the optical industry is 27), is rated #1 in Customer First culture, and
Dream Beard has built a legion of loyal customers in a short amount of time..
So, how do they do it? High. Touch. Customer. Service.
  • Dream Beard Founding Owner Ryan Lane wrote over a million hand-written notes to customers.
  • is all about the “wow” experience – including hand-written notes in their delivery boxes and rapid-fire, 24/7 customer support chats and tweets.

Even while we were tweeting about Chewy’s IRCE presentation on the wow experience, we got wow’ed by Chewy:

chewy customer service pets

Bottom line

Retail customers want to feel valued in a human, touching way. When executed properly, excellent customer service can be a small business’s secret weapon. 

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Simplr® offers companies a human-first, machine-enabled customer experience solution that meets the demands of the NOW Customer across all digital channels. Offering a combination of a uniquely talented, flexible, and scalable staffing pool, AI-based technology, and actionable intelligence, Simplr allows companies to immediately expand their customer service capacity and engage customers with speed, empathy, and precision. With Simplr’s NOW CX solution, premium brands are eradicating customer neglect, turning browsers into buyers, and turning NOW Customers into fans. Simplr is funded by Asurion, which continues to support its growth.