Are you ready for MOMENTOUS 2021? Simplr’s first annual virtual CX conference kicks off on April 6… and the Day 1 lineup does not disappoint. This conference is geared towards CX, marketing, and eCommerce professionals. You will not want to miss this 3-day virtual event where you’ll learn what to do, what to ditch, and what’s next for CX.

Are you looking to better understand the NOW Customer? Figure out what the best-performing brands are doing right? If you’re interested in maximizing your organization’s performance and your own career potential, tune in to Day 1 sessions. Here’s what’s on tap:

This is Momentous: NOW CX is Here
9:00 PM – 9:30 PM PT
Presenter: Daniel Rodriguez, CMO @ Simplr
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The on-demand digital economy and the higher-than-high standard set by companies like Amazon and Zappos have created a new kind of consumer—the NOW Customer—who is always “on” and expects rapid resolutions and engaged interactions from brands across every touchpoint. Anything short of meeting the NOW Customer in their moment amounts to customer neglect.

Kick off MOMENTOUS 2021 with an energizing discussion about the incredible opportunities customer service, support, marketing and eCommerce professionals have to meet customers in their moment and embrace a NOW approach to CX. This session will set the tone for the rest of the conference by detailing how brands can and should be evolving their approach to meet and exceed the expectations of the NOW Customer, with what we call NOW CX. Register here.

What We Learned from Mystery Shopping 1,000+ Brands Last Year
10:00 AM – 10:45 AM PT
Moderator: Julia Luce, Head of Content Marketing @ Simplr
Panelists: Ranjan Roy, VP of Strategy @ Adore Me; Alex Vidaeff, Head of CX @ ANINE BING

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Simplr mystery shopped over 1,000 brands in 2020 to learn more about where brands and retailers are excelling and falling short in meeting the CX expectations of today’s NOW Customer. What we found was that many companies have costly gaps in their online CX, and that customer neglect is a problem that’s being, well, neglected by a lot of brands. . But not all brands struggled… We also found examples of exceptional CX, with a number of companies excelling with responsiveness, reliability, and relatability across multiple channels.

In this session, you’ll get an inside look at our key findings from our 2020 mystery shop efforts and hear from CXers at brands that earned top scores for delivering exceptional experiences for their customers. Register here.

Evolving Your CX KPIs for an Evolving Customer
12:00 PM – 12:45 PM PT
Moderator: Isabelle Zdatny, XM Catalyst @ Qualtrics XM Institute
Panelists: Amy Lin, Product Marketing Manager @ Zendesk; Jake Lechnir, Lead, Digital Support @ RBI; Ellie Wu, Senior Director, GTM Process Strategy @ SAP

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NPS, CSAT, and FRT… all the traditional metrics we’re used to keeping a close eye on when evaluating the health and success of our customer experience and customer service efforts. But how do you truly quantify CX’s impact on your business? While NPS and CSAT are great leading indicators, CX teams need to be aligned with strategic business imperatives and track their success in influencing them.

In this panel, you’ll learn from CX practitioners and CX technology leaders about how they see the future of CX measurement, and what you can be doing to implement that approach today. Register here.

How To Become a Chief Customer Officer: Sponsored by CXLife
1:00 PM – 1:45 PM PT
Moderator: Trish Fontanilla, Head of Community & Social Media @ Simplr
Panelists: Lauren Volpe, Chief Experience Officer @ Quadpay; Jasmine Lombardi, Chief Customer Officer @ Locus Robotics

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Customer experience starts at the very first interaction a person has with your brand and spans the full lifetime of the customer. To manage that lifecycle, and to ensure the business is aligned around delivering consistently exceptional experiences to every customer, the Chief Customer Officer role was born.

The number of Chief Customer Officers is growing every year, and the people appointed to these roles come from a variety of backgrounds: customer service, customer experience, sales, marketing, digital, and more.

Join this session to learn from a panel of experienced Chief Customer Officers about their journey to the CCO role, from how their backgrounds and experiences influenced their career paths and how you can chart your course to a CCO role as well.
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