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Unwrap All the Eye-Opening Findings in Simplr’s Holiday 2020 Mystery Shop Report (Exclusive Customer Service Research)


Over the holiday rush, did brands and retailers give the NOW Customer the gift of exceptional CX, or did they leave them with a lump of customer neglect? Read our new mystery shop report to find out.

When we set out to mystery shop over 650 eCommerce brands and retailers during BFCM 2020, we wanted to find out just how well companies would be able to meet the NOW Customer’s expectations during the holiday rush. 

Well, the results and in, and now we know the answers. 

There were examples of exceptional CX! 

  • 100% of our mystery shoppers that had an “exceptional” experience with live chat will “very likely” recommend the company to a friend or family member.

There were customer service letdowns!

  • Less than 4% of chatbot “conversations” gave our mystery shoppers the answers to their questions without human intervention.

There were missed opportunities to increase revenue!

  • Collectively, the brands that took longer than 24 hours to respond to customer service emails were potentially missing out on up to $2 million per day over the BFCM period.

    While there were some examples of exceptional customer service, our mystery shoppers encountered far too many barriers to buying — during the busiest time of the craziest year.

Access the full research report!

Download the full customer service research report to see all the eye-opening discoveries we made over the holiday period. Ultimately, our holiday 2020 research illuminates exactly why companies need to understand the NOW Customer, recognize the opportunities that come with a NOW approach to CX, and eradicate customer neglect once and for all.

Curious to know if your company was part of our mystery shop? Drop our team a note to find out.