Outsource Your Salesforce Customer Service

Don’t let your Salesforce Service Cloud tickets pile up! Get high-quality answers to your customer emails and chats. Outsource your customer service (all, or only some of it) to our razor-sharp, US-based, 24/7 customer support specialists.

Simplr can be integrated with Salesforce and up and running for your business within hours. Click the button below to find out more.

Provide Best-in-Class Experiences for Your Customers with Simplr + Salesforce

“Good enough” CX is not going to cut it in the era of the NOW Customer. People demand online customer service that’s on par with the best customer experiences they’ve ever had. Can your brand deliver?

With Simplr’s Human Cloud Network and Salesforce’s technology, companies can:

  • Eliminate backlogs in a matter of days (hours, in some cases)
  • Reduce first response time
  • Increase CSAT
  • Generate more revenue with Conversational Commerce
  • Create more brand evangelists


staffing for Salesforce emails + live chats

How Simplr Works Together with Salesforce Service Cloud

Simplr seamlessly pulls from your Salesforce API and specializes in tying in with your knowledge base, macros, or historical customer inquiries you have to understand your business and brand.

Our highly-trained and vetted outsourced customer support team is on standby to receive your customer service tickets from your website’s live chat and contact forms.

We use machine learning and AI to assist Simplr support specialists and aim to resolve 50%+ of customer inquires.

With better first response time and higher customer satisfaction, the result is a consistently excellent customer experience… at scale.