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Don’t let your customer emails pile up! Get high-quality email support from Simplr’s US-based, 24/7 customer support specialists. Thanks to our Human Cloud Network, we can be set up and answering your company’s emails (and live chats) within hours.

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Email support is the most consistently dependable way to communicate with customers. 54% of customers have used email for support in the last year, making it the most commonly used digital customer service channel. It is also one of the easiest to outsource.

Even though email communication is holding steady as a desired channel, it’s not immune to today’s 24/7 on-demand customer expectations.

Here are a few best practices to make sure that your company’s email customer service strategy stays sharp:

  • Be Fast. Customers expect a response to their emails in under an hour. The longer it takes to respond to a customer, the less likely they are to complete a purchase. This includes emails that are sent after hours or on the weekends. It’s always good to put a disclaimer besides your emails address that says how long it will take to get a response.
  • Be empathetic. Email responses should have a human touch, even if they’re sent automatically. Templates or on-the-spot responses should be warm and friendly, no matter what.
  • Take advantage of automation and outsourcing for your email tickets. Running a 24/7 email support system requires a significant investment in energy and time from you and your employees. The good thing though is that this is one of the most practical channels to automate, and can be done easily by using a ticketing system and staffing it with domestic, motivated work-from-home experts (such as Simplr Specialists).


Of companies don’t respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner. Don’t be like them.

Many e-commerce business owners and entrepreneurs like to stay close to their customers. It’s not uncommon for founders to reply to all customer emails personally when their companies are just getting started. This is of course a bandwidth issue, but it allows the founder(s) to learn directly about their customers and how they can improve the business.

This makeshift model is not sustainable when an e-commerce site enters high-growth mode, however. As customer volume increases and teams grow, it’s hard to keep track of who has responded to which email and at what time. With other aspects of the business demanding more attention, it’s possible for emails to get lost in the shuffle, resulting in potential lost business.

These are a few signs that it’s time to outsource your customer email volume:

  • Your team is responding to emails during nights and weekends. If your team is going to be putting in overtime, shouldn’t be towards efforts that directly grow the business?
  • You’ve created a “tagging” system in a shared Outlook or Gmail inbox. Many startups cobble together a color-coded tagging system to label each incoming customer email so that every employee knows which one is assigned to them. This is a slippery slope into disorganization and, potentially, poor customer care. This solution is not scalable if volume spikes. Additionally, you’d have to train employees on the system every time there’s a new hire. Entrepreneur Soleil Gurerrea experienced this firsthand within the first few months of launching her company, Bebonia. She describes the process as “incredibly overwhelming.” She adds, “We were losing out on potential sales because people would send in questions asking for recommendations. If I was busy dealing with the operations and couldn’t get to certain emails, they’d fall through the cracks, and we were losing out on revenue.”
  • You’re experiencing (or expecting) a huge spike in demand for your product. Whether it’s Black Friday or an unexpected celebrity endorsement, your customer volume is destined to spike. When that happens, your email inbox (and all other customer service channels) need full 24/7 coverage. If your team isn’t prepared for that kind of volume, it’s time to think about outsourcing. Note: A smart way to be prepared is to get an outsourcer in place and ready to go on short notice, but keep them on the lowest retainer until they’re needed (as an insurance policy of sorts).

Companies can outsource their customer email volume to Simplr at any stage of growth. Entrepreneurs like Soleil Gurerrea of Bebonia and Ken Jackson of StethoHope chose to outsource their customer service emails to Simpr at the nascence of their businesses. More established, mulimillion dollar brands such as Optoro leverage Simplr’s email capabilities to augment their existing customer service teams and reduce email response times.

To get started with Simplr, we highly recommend that you upgrade from email to a ticketing system. Ticketing systems bring your customer service strategy to the next level by streamlining tickets and gathering actionable customer data. There are many ticketing system options, but Zendesk and Intercom are overwhelmingly popular among e-commerce brands.

How Simplr works:

Simplr uses machine learning to conduct a quick historical analysis of your company’s previous customer service emails. This analysis equips our people with a voice that’s unique to your brand. That’s how we’re able to get up and running so fast.

Simplr has a high-quality network of 24/7 U.S-based work-from-home Simplr Specialists – they’re ready to roll when you are. All Simplr Specialists are native English speakers and have passed rigorous background and empathy tests. As a result, the caliber of Simplr’s responses is exceptionally high.

Our unique blend of proprietary processes and AI vet and triage each customer’s question to drive quick responses. Instead of eight weeks of classroom training, we use machine learning in our Simplr platform to give humans instant access to knowledge and the right answers to resolve customer questions.

Simplr analyzes trends in your customer questions to automatically generate and A/B test new customer messaging. Our customer survey tool is used to improve customer experience and generate actionable business intelligence. We want to make sure you’re hitting all your customer email KPIs.

Our price structure is simple

Only $2.25 per resolution

We charge you per overall resolution. Not per every customer interaction.

  • No hidden fees
  • No long-term contracts
  • No implementation fees
  • No integration costs
  • No training costs
  • No differentials for nights and weekends
  • No cost on follow up customer questions within 48 hours
  • 24/7 U.S.-Based Human Support

    Our outsourced solution utilizes the brightest U.S.-based, work-from-home Simplr Specialists that are ready to help with your customer volume – any day, any time.

    Every applicant must pass rigorous background and empathy tests before becoming a team member and Simplr Specialist. As a result, the caliber of Simplr’s work is a cut (way) above traditional customer service outsourcers.

  • Saves You Money

    Outsourcing your customer support with Simplr is 40% more affordable than an in-house solution. At $2.25 per resolution, you only pay for results.

    There are no contracts, no minimums, and no hidden fees with Simplr. Since onboarding is done in a matter of hours, no resources are lost to trainings or RFPs. We’re built for the needs and budgets of high-growth businesses.

  • Quick and On Demand

    Simplr can start helping your customers in a matter of hours. Scale up customer support when it’s busy, scale down when it’s not.

    No need for lengthy trainings, thanks to Simplr’s AI-powered historical analyses. Ramp up Simplr’s outsourced solution for peak seasons, new product launches, or the unexpected spike in customer volume. Scale down Simplr when you don’t need it – no fee or explanation required.

  • Makes You Money

    By offering 24/7, rapid-fire pre-sale support, Simplr can help drive more customers to checkout.

    We want your business to succeed. Online shopping is a 24/7 experience, and your customer support should mirror that trend. By giving customers what they want – support that’s 24/7, fast and empathetic – your leads are more likely to convert and less likely to leave or abandon their cart.

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Simplr was founded by a group of corporate executives-turned-entrepreneurs who were determined to create the next best thing in outsourced customer service. They noticed major cost and labor inefficiencies in the traditional model, and decided to disrupt the whole thing… with the help of the American remote workforce and some cutting-edge AI technology.

Simply put, Simplr is a customer service outsourcing company that lets companies design an outsourced and on-demand solution that meets the needs of their business – no matter how big or small. Simplr delivers maximum flexibility with no contracts and the ability to ramp up or down anytime. Bye bye, call centers! For more information, please see our FAQ page.

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