New Book Explores Radical Changes in Consumer Expectations, and How Businesses are Joining a New Movement to Meet Them


Experience is Everything reveals how the most innovative CX organizations are consistently delighting customers and generating revenue through “NOW CX”

NASHVILLE, TN. (December 8, 2021) – Simplr CEO Eng Tan and CMO Daniel Rodriguez today released their debut book, Experience is Everything, which shines a light on the burgeoning “NOW CX” movement and the businesses leading the way. 

The on-demand digital economy and new customer experience (CX) standard set by companies like Amazon have created a new kind of consumer–a NOW Customer. They are always on (and always online) and expect rapid resolutions and engaged interactions from their brands at all times and across every touchpoint. Most companies have been unable to keep up, resulting in disastrous consequences to brand and revenue: A recent Simplr study found that 40% of consumers say they have decided to stop shopping with a brand or retailer altogether because of a poor customer service experience, and Forrester Research has found that 53% of customers will abandon a purchase if they don’t get a quick enough response from customer service.

Experience is Everything offers a blueprint for how CX leaders should leverage innovations in technology, alternative ways of working, and new CX programs to better meet skyrocketing consumer expectations. Through interviews with dozens of CX leaders representing brands ranging from Burger King to Shopify, Rodriguez and Tan provide both the foundational principles upon which to build innovative and wholly more impactful CX programs, and specific tactical recommendations to ensure success.

“NOW CX prioritizes agility, responsiveness, and customer empathy at scale to transform CX organizations from cost centers to revenue drivers,” said Tan. “It promises to upend how business leaders think about their relationships with customers. We wrote Experience is Everything to help them do just that with real success stories and actionable advice.”

Jon McNeill, CEO, Co-Founder at DVx Ventures and former COO at Lyft and President at Tesla, said, “Eng and Daniel have crafted one of the most compelling visions of what a powerful CX program can accomplish in the era of the NOW Customer. But what makes this book special is that within its pages are the tools necessary for CX leaders to fully realize that vision within their own organizations. A must-read for any executive of a customer-facing team.”

Shep Hyken, New York Times Best-Selling Author of The Amazement Revolution, said, “In Experience is Everything, Eng Tan and Daniel Rodriguez herald the new rallying cry for CX leaders across industries: Join the NOW CX movement today or risk being run over by your competitors tomorrow.”

Tan is CEO of Simplr, a company that is redefining the way brands deliver CX. Prior to starting Simplr, he was at Asurion, the largest global consumer tech care company, and Booz Allen Hamilton as an operations and strategy advisor to the Fortune 500. Rodriguez is an experienced marketing executive, entrepreneur, family guy and musician. Before Simplr, he served as VP of Marketing for Seismic. 

Experience is Everything is 215 pages and is available for purchase at Amazon. Click here for more information about the book. 

About Simplr

Simplr is the conversational experience platform for the NOW CX era. The company’s platform combines automation with AI-powered human assistance to deliver instantly scalable premium pre-sale shopping assistance and customer support. The result for Simplr customers is best-in-class experiences throughout the consumer journey, increasing loyalty, satisfaction, and revenue. Simplr is funded by Asurion, which continues to support its growth.

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