Decathlon brought the in-store experience online with Simplr and increased conversion rates


With over 2000 stores in 56 countries, Decathlon is the largest sporting goods retailer in the world. The titan retailer carries over 100,000 SKUs of multiple brands, including its own white labeled products. The company puts its customers at the center of its business model by offering a wide range of niche products at affordable prices with a high-quality customer service experience that’s difficult to match.

“Ensuring our customers are getting the best customer experience on the market is important to us. It’s what sets us apart from competitors in-person and we’re doing that online too. It can be difficult to please everyone but we measure ourselves on how well we can take care of our customers.”

Holly Gordon, E-Commerce Manager

Decathlon partnered with Simplr to bolster its eCommerce website with the same high-quality support that customers experience in its stores.  With Simplr’s help, Decathlon scaled live chat throughout its website, granting customers access to an agent for product inquiries, order status updates, returns and exchange information, and more. By delivering high-quality customer service and giving product recommendations to their visitors, Simplr’s agents converted conversations into purchases.

“For every dollar spent with Simplr, Decathlon received $5 in sales with a customer.” 

Holly Gordon, E-Commerce Manager

The problem

As Decathlon’s website gained more traffic over the years, its understaffed support team couldn’t keep up with the inquiry volume and missed revenue opportunities from customer interactions. Shoppers on its website couldn’t get their questions answered in a timely manner and would move on without making a purchase. As a result, it was important for Decathlon to bring in knowledgeable agents that could be present for customers to upsell and offer product recommendations. 

The company needed to solve the following issues:

  • Support customers with product recommendations on over 100,000 unique items
  • Quickly scale its support team with high-quality agents

The solution 

Decathlon partnered with Simplr because of its ability to drive revenue through high-quality support interactions and its customer-first ethos. Simplr allowed the company to scale its support team with knowledgeable agents that replicated its in-store experience. 

  • Simplr agents answered product inquiries and offered recommendations, processed order status updates, shipping inquiries, exchanges, and returns
  • Simplr worked closely with Decathlon to collect customer feedback and implemented process adjustments as needed

 “Simplr was really easy to work with right from the start. Our Success Manager was always able to help and answer any questions I had from the beginning of our relationship.”

Holly Gordon, E-Commerce Manager

Simplr’s Personal Connection Prompts allows agents to insert personalization and empathy in the first exchange. 

Simplr’s ability to quickly scale support teams allowed Decathlon to open live chat on every product page on its website. This was especially helpful when customers had questions during the buying process. Without the need to open a new window, customers could talk to a Simplr Specialist on a product page within 30 seconds of engagement. Simplr’s smart-routing capabilities allowed agents to deliver high-quality responses that engaged customers thoughtfully, tailored to their needs, and recommend products that matched their requirements.

The company saw upticks in conversion rates when customers engaged with a support agent. This led Decathlon to actively engage with visitors through live chat and brought the in-store experience online. 

“I noticed customers were converting a couple days after they had interacted with one of our agents. We were getting about $5 back for every dollar spent on Simplr!”

Holly Gordon, E-Commerce Manager

With improving the customer experience in mind, Decathlon streamlined its support processes by eliminating specific support departments. Customers that reach out to Decathlon on live chat no longer need to select a department they want to talk to. 

“We’re always thinking about how we can reduce customer friction on our website. A customer doesn’t need to talk to specific departments when they need help in stores. Why should that be any different when they’re shopping online?”

Holly Gordon, E-Commerce Manager

The results

Decathlon took its online shopping experience to new levels with Simplr with 24/7 support availability. Simplr agents responded to 86% of live chat inquiries within 30 seconds and 94% of emails within 3 hours. Furthermore, with a fully staffed team of high-quality support agents from Simplr, the company experienced a significant increase in revenue and customer experience metrics. 

As a result, Decathlon saw:

  • Approx. $5 back for every $1 spent on Simplr
  • 4.6/5 Customer Satisfaction Score
  • 88% Customer Effort Score (75% is considered good)

When it comes to covering bases for Support teams, Simplr’s high-quality services knock the competition out of the park.  

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