Personal Connection Prompts

Be one-to-one, with everyone.

Drive loyalty and increase CSAT with customer service specialists who are enabled to personally connect with every customer.

How it Works

Connecting with customers is hard to train for. Not with Simplr.

As Simplr specialists respond to inquiries, our AI-enabled platform prompts them in the moment with relevant statements that add a personal empathetic touch and helps connect with customers for a better service experience

Past purchases and interactions

Life events (Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.)

Relevant World Events

Mack Weldon Uses Simplr’s Conversational Commerce Capabilities to Boost Conversion Rates by 40%

“Handling tickets” isn’t enough anymore. Connect personally and have conversations that drive loyalty.

Partnering with Simplr isn’t about offloading work, it’s about getting a partner who helps make customer service a loyalty driver by treating your customers like VIPs with every single interaction.

Mirror the responses of your BEST agents, over and over and over….

Your best agents go out of their way to be personal and empathetic, and that’s why they’re, well… the best.

Personal Connection Prompts gives every single specialist in our network the super powers to mimic that performance, every time, with every customer.

Being personal is as easy as a click

We make it easy for specialists to make your customers feel valued. In traditional contact centers, it takes work, training, and discipline for agents to add empathy and a personal touch. Simplr makes it easy for our specialists, using AI like a coach over their shoulder with prompts to add statements that connect with a customer one-to-one, in just a click.

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