MOMENTOUS 2021: Day 3


MOMENTOUS 2021 wraps up with meditation, insights from the C-suite, a closer look at call centers, and a keynote from celebrity chef Carla Hall. Attendees who register and attend a session each day of MOMENTOUS 2021 will be qualified to win a YETI cooler filled with gift cards from RBI, KEEN Footwear, ANINE BING, and Princess Polly!

Refresh Your Mind With Meditation
9:15 AM – 9:45 AM PT
Instructor: Kristina Clemons

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Meditation is often talked about in grandiose terms involving bliss and transcendence. This approach is practical as we explore distracting the mind from its normal thought patterns by giving it somewhere else to go. To accomplish this, you will be guided through gentle movement, and practices involving breath, listening, and humming. Our goal is to take a break from active thought and experience what that feels like, to revive and refresh the nervous system, to regain perspective.

How CX Can Speak the Language of the C-Suite
10:00 AM – 10:45 AM PT
Moderator: Catherine Sproul @ L’Oreal Luxe
Panelists: Jeff Lahens @ 9tailors; Hanna Marcus @ Purple Carrot; Kalpana Chandrasekhar @ Biteable
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For every department in an organization, it’s important to ask: how do we contribute to the overall strategy and goals of the business? Especially for CX teams, you’re responsible for the most prized part of your business: your customers. Without having a fundamental alignment to the C-Suite and the objectives and metrics they care about, you’re not positioning your team or yourself as a strategic driver of your business.  

In this session, you’ll get perspectives from experienced C-Suite leaders where you’ll learn exactly what they care about, what they expect from their customer-facing teams, and how CX organizations can operate and manage their function to become a more strategic driver of revenue and growth.  

Reimagining the Customer Service RFP
11:00 AM – 11:45 AM PT
Moderator: Julia Luce @ Simplr
Panelists: Eng Tan @ Simplr; Dani Jaffee @ Asurion
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When you choose to get help outside your internal team for customer service, are you looking to check a box? To deliver “good enough” customer service for your brand? Or are you looking for a solution that you can be confident will leave your customers in exceptional hands, and ensure no opportunity is wasted in CX?

The truth is, the traditional RFP issued for customer service providers hasn’t been cutting it. It’s not only painful, but leads to subpar solutions based on answers that have been copied and pasted for years. It’s made for a different age of customer, and a different model than what you need to truly solve your customer service challenges.

In this session, we’ll walk you through why the traditional outsourced customer service RFP is out of touch and leads to subpar business results, how to reframe your RFP to align to your business goals, which questions to ask to ensure you get to the best solution possible, and what to look out for and be wary of in an RFP response.

The Next Evolution of the Contact Center
12:00 PM – 12:45 PM PT
Moderator: Nicole France @ Constellation Research

Panelists: Emily Charnes @ Simplr; Mike McCarron @ Gladly; Matt Coatney @ The Human Cloud
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It’s no secret that customer service and CX leaders are constantly frustrated by the constraints the traditional contact center model puts on their strategy. Front-line CX workers aren’t so thrilled about the model either.  

We’ve all been saddled with a contact center model that has been managed as a cost-center: built around fixed headcount, imprecise staffing and forecasting, scheduled shifts, arduous training, and operational inefficiencies which force us to make costly compromises on our customer experience, all which limit service hours, limit channels, and slow down response times. It’s also resulted in an undesirable working environment for top-tier front-line CX talent, who increasingly desire a more flexible and amenable work-life.    

But, there is a better way.  

In this session you’ll hear from experienced leaders in CX, contact centers, and workforce management to learn how the best CX teams are transforming their CX model from a rigid cost-center into one that is more flexible, allows us to actually put customers first, is more directly aligned to revenue and growth, and is ultimately necessary to evolve with the future of work.  

Fear, Growth, and Transformation with Celebrity Chef Carla Hall
1:00 PM – 1:45 PM PT
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Carla Hall does…..comedy? Okay, maybe the beloved host of “The Chew” is better known for her mouth-watering Southern cooking and warm personality, but performing stand-up is only the latest in a long line of fears she has faced, simply to challenge herself.  Why? Because facing fears spurs growth and inspires transformation — both things that have, ultimately, driven the success of this two-time “Top Chef” finalist who won over audiences to become Fan Favorite. Fear of failure threatened to keep Carla from achieving goals such as interviewing her childhood idol, Carol Burnett, or from serving the dish that won her the most praise as a “Top Chef” competitor.  But the practice of repeatedly doing things that are scary has allowed her to stockpile an array of tools which she draws from during difficult times, stimulating personal growth and professional success. Audiences will witness Carla scare herself—live—with a comedy set and learn ways to map out their own fear-facing adventures.