How to Take Advantage of 2021’s Post-Quarantine Spending Surge


Consumer brands and ecommerce retailers have a shot to engage customers and drive revenue in the post-quarantine spending surge that is coming in 2021. 

Are you ready to shoot your shot with consumers?

As the economy reopens, consumers are rising from their quarantine couches, swapping socially-distanced sweats for going-out-into-the-world attire, and of course, grabbing their wallets. Everyone’s getting back into the swing of spending, and consumer brands, retailers, and ecommerce companies with exceptional CX are uniquely positioned to benefit from this post-quarantine spending surge that is upon us. 

What does this mean for consumer brands and retailers?

With trillions of dollars at play, in addition to a drastic uptick in ecommerce trends, means that it’s more important than ever for brands to stay ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to customer service. 

Brands that haven’t yet figured out how to engage their always-online NOW Customers in the moment with premium customer experience had better catch up fast, or they risk missing out on consumers’ eagerness to spend.

Ready to take your best shot at the 2021 spending surge?

Ready or not, the new post-quarantine economy is on the horizon, and brands like yours have a unique opportunity to use CX as a differentiator to capture a larger share of the spending boom. 

To help you take advantage of the opportunity 2021 is presenting to a variety of consumer brands, we put together an in-depth report that covers:

  • A bunch of economic stats that will make every retailer optimistic about 2021
  • The 4 categories of consumer brands we believe are most likely to benefit from the surge
  • A framework for aligning your brand’s CX to the 2021 spending surge 
  • And much more

Read our Retail’s Best Shot report today to learn how you can leverage NOW CX and make the most of 2021’s spending surge. Let us help you shoot your best shot this year.