Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media Customer Service

  • Digital customer service interactions will increase by 40% in 2021. What if your company could answer every social media message with speed and empathy? Outsourcing with an innovative partner makes that possible, along with four key benefits for business success.

What is outsourcing social media customer service?

Outsourcing social media customer service is the act of having a third-party vendor or consultant manage customer communications via social media channels. Outsourcing is an ideal way for businesses to scale their CX strategy and sharpen their competitive advantage. As we know, rapid-fire online customer service increases conversions, strengthens brand reputation, and creates a high-quality customer experience (if implemented correctly). Traditional call centers are generally not equipped to handle that level of digital volume.

When should you outsource social media customer service?

It’s time to outsource your social media customer service when your internal marketing and support teams are struggling to keep up with inquiry volume. Social platforms and online advertising drive tons of website traffic, so it’s no wonder the platform is becoming a preferred support channel for many consumers.

In the era of NOW CX, meeting your audience “in the moment” has never been more important. Missing a question or complaint on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or LinkedIn can result in customer neglect and, in turn, missed revenue.

Simplr can help staff your channels (via your ticketing system) in matter of days.

DM-ing  your way to more conversions

One of the most obvious and beneficial opportunities of social media is customer service.

Many consumers prefer social media over most other channels for receiving help from agents and experts. In fact, studies show that 53% of consumers would prefer to reach businesses via chat than other methods (like telecommunications). So give it to them!

Utilize social media outsourcing and you can more reliably communicate with your audience where they are comfortable reaching you and improve the experience for them… ultimately leading to a higher conversion rate.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media Customer Service

  • More opportunities to generate revenue

    Amazing service is a killer lead generation tool. With a rock-solid strategy in place for your social network, more online visitors will complete the buying process instead of leaving your platform (due to confusion, distraction, or having to wait too long for support).

    Social media can be an invaluable help for CX teams to convert and problem-solve on those bulk orders and big-ticket items from people who require some handholding. These people will have questions or concerns before they buy, and quick and immediate access to a real expert can almost be a requirement in some industries.

    Additionally, it’s great for reducing bounce rates. A high bounce rate means your agents are not turning curious consumers into leads or revenue.

    When a person is in your social network, having rapid-fire support gives visitors something to interact with (and alleviate any uncertainty).

    A real live chat service or intelligent agent can also help encourage cross-selling by encouraging visitors to further explore your website by offering guided tours, special deals, omnichannel support, and product recommendations.

  • Increase CSAT

    The NOW Customer can be, well, a tough cookie. However, visitors who actively engage with your brand through social media are more likely to be satisfied with the overall experience.

    By outsourcing, brands are able to deliver that same exceptional, engaging experience at scale.

    In 2020, Simplr research found that only 1% of chats with no human intervention were marked as “exceptional.” In other words, chatbots aren’t going to actually help the visitor, and they won’t deliver high Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) by themselves, outsourced human intervention is key to building brand loyalty.

  • 24/7 coverage

    Around-the-clock support is a requirement when it comes to social networks (or any online engagement like chat and email!). A large amount of phone scrolling, emailing, online shopping, page browsing, financial transactions, problem-solving, information-seeking, and instant messaging happens outside of working hours… just check your web traffic and analytics. Shouldn’t an operator be available to monitor traffic and offer support at any moment?

    Additionally, you never know when you’ll get a boost from celebrity influencers, viral advertising, or key partnerships… all of which could result in skyrocketing volume.

    Just because people are “out of office” doesn’t mean you should be too. Outsource your social media for these nighttime hours and maintain 24/7 coverage without having to schedule your own staff or increase headcount.

    By allowing people to interact with you 24/7, you can essentially double your ability to build trust and loyalty, and in turn, increase revenue.

    Invest in the best social media ticketing systems and staff it with the right agents who can run it (note: you should leverage an outsourcing firm or consultant that has experience in your vertical– traditional call centers won’t cut it!)

  • Better online reviews

    A brand’s reputation is often in the hands of online reviews, word-of-mouth evaluations, and, of course, social media.

    A majority of negative reviews and shaming on social media can be avoided by providing personalized and proactive omnichannel support. A tweet goes a long way, but so does an honest, apologetic conversation.

    Social media conversations are one of these methods of proactive action, and arguably our favorite. Combine it with your favorite CRM program and customer support database to make responses faster and more accurate, and your followers will feel informed, and more importantly, will feel in control.

    People feeling helpless and not being able to reach a product expert is the number one trigger for leaving negative reviews. A best practice to make sure no review goes unnoticed.

Switch to Simplr for your social media customer service needs

Simplr uses a blend of artificial intelligence and human support (actual chat agents that are razor-sharp and US-based) to provide a quick, efficient and empathetic experience for your company through live chat, 24/7. Similar to AWS, Simplr has turned a previously cumbersome process into an updated solution that’s easy and scalable for companies.

Simplr integrates seamlessly with Facebook Messenger, Intercom, Gorgias, AWS, and Zendesk, and other chat software platforms. A bit more about us: Simplr was incubated and funded by Asurion, the largest technology protection and support provider in the world. Serving more than 300 million customers today,Asurion gives Simplr the secure financial backing and access to a broad range of capabilities developed over its 23-year old heritage of customer experience excellence. Where enterprise-level solutions are costly and restrictive, Simplr can provide world-class support tailored specifically to the needs of high-growth and enterprise brands.

Here’s how Simplr can begin handling your support needs today:

  • Simplr uses machine learning to conduct a quick historical analysis of your company’s previous tickets, knowledge base, and communication style used by your agents. (No training required!)
  • Simplr has a high-quality network of 24/7 U.S-based work-from-home Simplr Specialists – they’re the most dependable in the industry and are ready to roll when you are.
  • Our unique blend of proprietary processes and AI vet and triage each person’s question to drive quick responses from Simplr specialists (humans). All questions are answered with accuracy and precision.
  • Simplr analyzes trends in your brand’s inquiries and knowledge base to automatically generate and A/B test new customer-facing messaging.
Our pricing structure is simple

Only pay per resolution

Here’s how our pricing works: we charge you per overall resolution. Not per every interaction.

  1. No hidden fees
  2. No long-term contracts or terms
  3. No implementation fees
  4. No integration costs
  5. No training costs
  6. No differentials for nights and weekends and seasonal surges in volume
  7. No cost on follow up inquiries within 48 hours

Simplr Reviews – Here’s what our partners are saying about us

In Summary

Amazing customer service is an essential feature for most successful business models. Inbound and outbound marketers love it because of the ROI from on-site conversions and CX and C-suite leaders love it because it gives the business that super special competitive edge. By choosing an external option (like a consultant), brands can alleviate headaches associated with staffing full-time jobs: recruitment, training, holiday leave, overtime, and attrition. However, traditional call centers might not provide the relief CX teams are looking for.

It’s important to seek out partners that prioritize flexibility and understand that your brand’s trust is paramount to scaling amazing experiences. (Also, little known fact: offshore isn’t always the most cost-effective option. Not to mention cultural and language barriers are not conducive to omnichannel, increasing sales and up-selling!)


Is it ok to outsource social media customer service?

Specialized social media and on-demand outsourcing companies (note the word specialized, we’re not talking about some generic offshore call centers here) can help make fully-staffed support a reality for your internal support teams.

If you run an ecommerce website and want to make a small investment that could help you scale significantly in all of these areas, below are a few reasons that may convince you to consider trying an outsourced solution for your company.

Note: we cannot recommend automated chatbots at this time for ecommerce consumer support, even if they utilize AI (artificial intelligence) and other interactive technologies. A fancy UX and promises of instant availability and disruptive growth only go so far.

The quality is just not the same as a human-to-human interaction. In many cases, the ROI of a messenger chatbot isn’t always worth the time and money required to get them up and running.

If you’re curious, we’d urge you to take a look at this article on the pros and cons of chatbots before putting a chatbot in front of your hard-earned audience.



Simplr can staff your social media customer service… today!