Simplr WISMO+ Bot

We’ve got the perfect gizmo for WISMO.

Get ahead of the holiday spike with an automation solution for Zendesk Chat that relieves you of the overwhelming volume of WISMO questions, and gets customers answers instantly.

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In a bind for the holidays? WISMO+ is the answer for an easily implementable solution to take the influx of Order Status volume off your plate.

Get Ahead of the Holiday “Order Status” Influx

WISMO questions crush your team last holiday? Staffing shortages have you in a bind for this year? Fear no more, Simplr’s WISMO+ bot for Zendesk chat lets you easily automate responses to WISMO questions so customers get answers, and your team gets relief.

Fast Easy Startup- Just in the nick of time

There’s still time to get ahead of the holiday rush. Simplr’s WISMO+ Bot works directly within Zendesk Chat and only takes a week to set up. What are you waiting for?

“Failproof” Human-in-the-loop Automation

Worst part about most bots? They run customers around in circles and escalations are disjointed. With Simplr, our entire Human Cloud Network backs up our bot, so when a question needs to be escalated to a person, our 24/7 network of on-demand specialists are there to help.

What’s the “+” in WISMO+?
Glad you asked.

By choosing Simplr for WISMO automation, you don’t just get a bot.  You get a bot PLUS our always-on Human Cloud Network of specialists at the ready 24/7 to back up the bot, and make sure every customer seamlessly gets the answers they need.


WISMO+ handles all of your Order Status questions, but doesn’t try to overextend. When the question becomes more complex, or changes subject, WISMO+ will seamlessly make the handoff to a Simplr specialist who is ready to field the inquiry.


Simplr’s Human Cloud Network

For your other customer inquiry types, and for conversations that need to be escalated to a person, Simplr has an always-on network of thousands of specialists who are ALL enabled to answer even the most complex customer inquiries.

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