Why Simplr Matters to Your CEO

Is customer service important to your CEO?

If not, it ought to be. Because CX is the new battlefield of business. Get it right and your revenues grow, Get it wrong and you put your brand at risk.

Grow Revenue

Increase Profits

Increase Retention

Increase Loyalty

Build Word of Mouth

Our model is your moat

NOW CX is a revolutionary approach to customer service specifically designed to exceed the needs of the NOW customer whose expectations are being set by the best in the business. With the world of consumer products becoming more and more commoditized, delivering great CX is one of the last viable moats left for your brand.

Manage CX As a Revenue Driver, Not a Cost Center

Deflect and neglect your website visitors and the return on your acquisition programs plummets. With Simplr, we ensure you’re able to capture more of the demand on your site to create more revenue opportunities by providing 24/7/365 service across all digital channels. Now every customer gets the answer they need to make their purchase, and leaves with a great experience

42% higher repeat purchase rate for customers who engage with Simplr

114% increase in conversion rate with Simplr

2X lift in conversion rate with Simplr

Retention costs less than acquisition

How do you create loyal fans? Blow them away with fast responses and accurate answers. It’s not rocket science but it takes the right model. Simplr’s Human Cloud Network and AI-enabled platform make scaling excellent service easy at all times across all digital channels. The result is a growing revenue base with lower costs. Win-win

Increase profits, protect margins

Replacing the traditional contact center with a new approach from Simplr improves both your top and bottom lines. Better service drives more revenue and greater acquisition from word of mouth, while model efficiencies reduce costs from fixed staffing and poor forecasting. Simplr flexibly meets all your demand without costly, time consuming resource management.

Get Forrester’s Take on Simplr’s Impact on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

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