Holiday Staffing Tailored for 2022

Simplr’s EngageNow Suite combines the best of automation + human labor to tackle your customer service tickets and offer top-notch resolutions 24/7/365 across all digital channels.

Guaranteed high-quality staffing, no matter what

Large and enterprise brands are already struggling to staff up for the holidays.

Low wages, fear of layoffs, and a desire for continued remote employment are among the top factors for employees feeling hesitant to reenter the workforce. As companies struggle to hire and retain customer service agents, the message is clear: traditional outsourcing and in-house hiring won’t cut it.

Simplr’s Human Cloud Network scales to meet service demands in real-time. Engaging customers rapidly leads to more revenue opportunities without any risk of shutdowns or downtime.

Turn holiday browsers into repeat buyers

In 2021, it was estimated that ecommerce would account for a record high of 19% of total holiday season retail sales. What if you could keep up the holiday momentum through the new year? By providing an exceptional, human-first customer experience, Simplr has proven to increase repurchase rates and secure over $1 million in increased profits.

“The folks that end up reaching out to support, in the following two months after that interaction, end up purchasing from us two times more than those folks that never reach out to support at all. [Simplr] does a really great job of driving repeat purchase rates for our guests.

– Simplr client in the 2021 Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Simplr

Simplr partners estimate that they would need to increase their customer support teams between 50% to 100% in order to match the expanded hours Simplr’s Human Cloud network provides and to manage the volume of inquiries they receive.

A talent pool pulled from the best

Fewer than 1% of applicants makes it through our rigorous process emphasizing problem-solving abilities and empathetic nature, which are talents best-suited to resolving customer issues. In fact, 20% of our network has advanced degrees.

No contact center can claim that.

At Simplr, our Specialists and you share the same objective: delivering fast, exceptional customer experiences.  Our AI-powered platform rewards our best specialists to align incentives, and we charge per resolution so there’s no wasted overhead.

Only results.

Ready to make this holiday season your best ever?