Benefits of Sales Support Outsourcing

Convert more customers… faster! Find out why sales outsourcing is helping brands generate more revenue without risking reputation or revenue.

Read on to learn best practices and resources on staffing with a sales outsourcer. 

What is sales support outsourcing?

Sales support outsourcing is the act of using a third-party vendor to help manage sales-related inquiries for your company. Whether you’re working in ecommerce or B2B, website visitors require around-the-clock attention. Sales support outsourcing can make this possible.

Can you outsource sales support?

Yes, businesses can (and should) outsource their sales efforts. Many people think that the expertise of a full-time sales professional is the only option. However, outsourcing is a way more cost-efficient and scalable strategy.

While traditional call centers or Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) may not be able to help, innovative solutions like Simplr can help replicate a company’s top-performing sales agents with a Human Cloud Network assisted by technology.

Also, through live chat and email integrations with a customer service outsourcer that’s proven in your industry, pre-sales support can be successfully handled by experts outside your company and deliver a very strong performance.

Mack Weldon Uses Simplr to Boost Sales Conversion Rates by 40%

Benefits of Outsourcing Sales Support

Companies and founders that outsource a portion of their sales teams with a vendor are experiencing the following benefits:

  • 24/7 customer and sales support coverage
  • Stronger competitive edge when it comes to response times and customer care
  • Ability to use in-house employees for high-value, high-touch channels like phone and in-person sales
  • Access to innovative technology and software without the implementation costs
  • 24/7 U.S.-Based Human Support

    Our outsourced solution utilizes the brightest US-based, work-from-home Human Cloud Network members that are ready for your job – any day, any time.

    Every applicant must pass rigorous background and empathy tests before becoming a team member and Simplr Specialist. As a result, the performance of Simplr’s work is a cut (way) above traditional contact centers and customer service outsourcers.

  • Saves You Money

    Outsourcing your customer support with Simplr is 40% more affordable than managing an in-house employee solution. Because you pay per resolution, you only pay for results.

    There are no contracts, no minimums, and no hidden fees with Simplr. Since onboarding is done in a matter of hours, no resources are lost to training, recruitment, hiring, or RFPs. We’re built for the needs, budgets, technologies, data, and risk management of high-growth and enterprise businesses.

  • Quick and On-Demand

    Simplr can start helping your customers in a matter of hours. Scale up professional support when it’s busy!

    No need for costly management, recruitment, administration, hiring, and training thanks to Simplr’s AI-powered historical analyses. Ramp up Simplr’s outsourced solution for peak seasons, market releases, new product launches, or the unexpected spike in volume.

  • Makes You Money

    By offering 24/7, rapid-fire pre-sale support, Simplr can help drive more revenue.

    We want your business to succeed. Online shopping is a 24/7 experience, and your customer support should mirror that trend. By giving people what they want – fast and empathetic support both during and after business hours – your leads are more likely to convert and less likely to leave or back out of the partnership.

Don’t forget about self-service sales support

Having a robust FAQ page or online guide (also known as a self-service portal or knowledge base) on your ecommerce store’s website can also have a profound impact on sales.

The reason is that humans are problem-solvers by nature. By making it easy for them to find information themselves quickly (on their computer or mobile device), they’ll be much more likely to make a purchase.

Putting together a comprehensive FAQ page is a lot of work, however there are outsourcing vendors that offer this, allowing you to leverage their knowledge and experience gained from many years in supporting ecommerce websites.

Is Simplr a good fit for you business?

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