Simplr Launches Cognitive Paths™, the Safeguard for Using ChatGPT in Customer Service


AI training parameters and enterprise-grade security empower customer service organizations to harness the full power of generative AI while bearing none of its risks

NASHVILLE, TN – May 11, 2023 – Simplr, a bot-first CX outsourcing solution that offers automation and human agents, today announced a major infusion of generative AI into its platform alongside comprehensive safeguards called Cognitive Paths to ensure safe and secure use of the new technology. The result is that Simplr is now able to fully automate “Level 2” complex inquiries and those that provide the opportunity for upsell and cross-sell motions, dwarfing competing BPO offerings in automation take rates while generating superior customer experiences. 

Almost immediately after its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT became a bellwether for the entire customer service industry. The promise of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI in customer interactions was clear: Juniper Research has predicted that by the end of this year, 70 percent of customer inquiries will be automated through the use of AI. 

Yet it has also become apparent that, if left uninhibited, the technology can wreak havoc on a company’s relationships with their customers and overall brand reputation. Generative AI’s proclivity to hallucinate and engage in off-brand topics has–to this point–meant that the reputational and liability risks that come alongside the technology outweigh the CX efficiency and effectiveness gains.

Today’s launch by Simplr includes both the incorporation of OpenAI’s ChatGPT alongside a set of AI-training parameters called Cognitive Paths that guide Simplr’s chatbot technology to the right customer resolution without risk of hallucination. Cognitive Paths drastically decreases the overall volume of information available to the LLM-powered chatbot and eliminates the chance of hallucination. Enterprise-grade security protocols also prevent said data from being transferred back into any publicly available LLM. The result is a safe and secure way to leverage generative AI, without any risk of disclosing PII or sensitive customer data. 

At the same time, Cognitive Paths leverages data accrued from Simplr’s history in optimizing the company’s outsourced human workforce. This includes inquiries that have historically been considered “Level 2” complex inquiries or those that provide the opportunity for upsell and cross-sell motions. 

“Simplr’s Cognitive Paths changes the conversation, both literally and figuratively,” said Amit Sood, Simplr CTO. “For the first time, the full promise of AI within customer service can be fulfilled. Due to our extensive experience in using AI to turn our human agents into first-rate customer service representatives, Cognitive Paths dramatically expands the types of customer interactions which can be effectively resolved through automation. At the same time, customer service leaders can rest easy knowing their brand, CX, and reputation will only improve through quicker, more impactful customer resolutions.”

For more information visit https://www.simplr.ai/chatbot

About Simplr

Simplr is the disruptor to the outdated contact center BPO model. The company offers a bot-first CX outsourcing solution that offers automation and human agents to deliver better and more cost efficient CX than legacy BPOs. With Simplr, clients are engaging with customers in ways that drive more revenue. In doing so, they’re fundamentally transforming CX programs into strategic imperatives for their companies. Simplr is funded by Asurion, which continues to support its growth. 

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Jason Fidler

Head of PR and Strategic Communications, Simplr