E-Commerce Retail Briefing Podcast

The best 10(ish)-minute briefing for e-commerce retail professionals and enthusiasts. Trends, headlines, and special guests. Hosted by Vincent Phamvan.

Episode 14: Rachel Cohen, Co-Founder of SNOWE

Guest this week is Rachel Cohen, co-founder of SNOWE, the home essentials brand that offers luxury, quality products at an obtainable price. Plus the blessing and curse of visual search and why Canada is the foray of choice into the international market.

Episode 12: Ajay Kori, Co-Founder and Chairman of UrbanStems

Today’s episode includes headlines from Prima Hemp and the “click-to-buy-to-make” model for e-commerce. UrbanStems co-founder and chairman Ajay Kori talks Valentine’s Day, subscriptions, and sustainability.

Episode 25: Kerrigan Behrens of Sagely Naturals

Retail giant, Nike, is shifting its focus from wholesale revenue to direct-to-consumer sales. Plus, Sagely Naturals co-founder and CMO Kerrigan Behrens talks scaling in the CBD industry.

Episode 22: Ryan Hogan of Hunt a Killer

This episode, Ryan Hogan from Hunt a Killer joins us. The in-person and on-line murder mystery game is experiencing tremendous growth. See what’s in store for the company in 2019. Plus headlines from Smile Direct Club, CVS, TikTok, and Thinx.

Christina Stembel, CEO of Farmgirl Flowers

Learn how bootstrapped startup Farmgirl Flowers grew from a local outfit to national household name for flower delivery. Plus, headlines from PayPal, Mejuri, Lululemon, and more.

Episode 20: Polly Rodriguez of Unbound

In this episode, we’re talking to Polly Rodriguez, co-founder of Unbound. The women’s wellness company is facing Facebook advertising challenges that are common among today’s sexual health brands. We’ll talk with Polly about how she and Unbound are combating the issue.

Episode 19: Eunice Byun of Material

Eunice Byun, Co-Founder of Material, is helping people do more with less in the kitchen. Promising performance results are coming in for video ads on Reddit and the real estate firm behind Hudson Yards is making a big bet on upstarts. Plus, headlines from RH and eBay.

Episode 8: Sierra Tishgart and Maddy Moelis of Great Jones Cookware

Deloitte shares the trends on why direct-to-consumer startups are rapidly growing and how big box Retailers saw disappointing Q4 results We’re joined by Maddy Moelis and Sierra Tishgart, co-founders of Great Jones cookware.

Episode 11: Aman Advani, CEO and Co-Founder of Ministry of Supply

This episode includes headlines from J. Crew, Nudie Denim and Everlane and the reason why robots are moving from warehouses to the aisles.

Episode 6: Chad Jernigan of DIFF Eyewear

DIFF Eyewear is a social enterprise success story. Vincent talks to co-founder Chad Jernigan about the company’s ambassador/influencer model and how the Kardashians have catapulted the brand to superstardom. Plus, how to buy furniture… Millennial-style.