Global E-commerce Retailer Increased Conversion Rates to 15% by Enhancing the Customer Experience


About the company

As one of the largest e-commerce retailers in the world, the company is known for its customer-centricity and fast delivery services, which has in turn changed consumer expectations of what great CX looks like.

The problem

The global e-commerce retailer expanded its product offering into high-ticket electronics and needed to increase revenue through higher conversion rates. It lacked the internal capability to maximize revenue due to an insufficient number of support agents. The option to use the traditional BPO labor model proved to be time-consuming to ramp/train, delivered inconsistent quality, and was too expensive. 

The company needed to solve the following issues:

  • Grow its support team with knowledgeable agents that can offer product recommendations to optimize revenue opportunities and resolve inquiries
  • Provide a consistent, high-quality customer support experience that lives up to the company’s reputation 
  • Bypass countless hours of agent training
  • Prove to be cost-effective

The solution

Personalized product recommendations at every customer interaction.

The company quickly grew its support team with Simplr to meet the needs of its customers. Simplr agents can capitalize on revenue opportunities and make product recommendations based on customer data history. The new agents require no training to provide product recommendations or resolve technical inquiries because Simplr’s platform provides in-context guidance for every question. Simplr’s technology allows agents to bypass countless hours of training, making the support experience both cost-effective and consistent for every customer.

Its partnership with Simplr has led to:

  • An always-on knowledgeable support team that meets customer needs
  • More personalized product recommendations during customer support interactions
  • Consistent, high-quality customer support for every customer interaction
  • A cost-effective solution that requires no training while still maintaining the company’s positive reputation on customer experience
Simplr‘s technology allows its agents to give personalized product recommendations based on the customer’s inquiry and purchase history.  

The results

The company successfully expanded its business and increased revenue through high-quality customer engagements. Knowledgeable support agents gave shoppers peace of mind with their recommended purchases and reduced remorse returns. In turn, customer support metrics rose after adding Simplr to its team. 

As a result, the company has enjoyed:

  • 15% conversion rates because of product recommendations
  • 12% increase in its Customer Satisfaction Score
  • 30% decrease in average handle times per chat conversation (faster resolutions!)
  • 50% decrease in resolution costs

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