Simplr Supports Enterprise Company Asurion


“The team at Simplr doesn’t just ‘set it and forget it.’ Instead, they continuously improve the automations by actively monitoring CSAT and make adjustments based on feedback. In case we need to change a process or update the automations, the Simplr’s ops team has our back 24/7.”

Shawn Kelly, Director of Major Appliance Repair Operations, Asurion

Asurion is the world’s single largest provider of technology services.

It serves nearly 300 million customers worldwide and operates 12 contact centers with over 10,000 Experts.

The company uses Simplr customer service to help respond to its customers’ email inquiries in a timely and empathetic manner. With Simplr, Asurion is able to adhere to client SLAs, uphold its enterprise-grade security requirements, and navigate uncertainty with confidence.

Rapid-fire email responses no matter the day (even Black Friday)

Not only has Simplr helped Asurion meet (and exceed) email response time SLAs, they’ve empowered Asurion with a distributed, “spike-proof” model that ensures adherence to rapid-fire response times… no matter the volume. “We really saw the benefit [of Simplr] on Black Friday,” recalls Shawn Kelly, Director of Work @ Home Protection Operations. “[With] all of our other channels, we had to scale up, we had to prepare for it. We shifted schedules and did a ton of overtime.” With Simplr, however, the email volume that Simplr supported carried on without any disruption. “That’s a really, really big deal for us to not have to worry about that and to just instantly know that we have that scalability,” added Kelly.

Evolving through automation with Simplr

Asurion’s partnership with Simplr grew to include an automated program that increased the quality and speed of ticket resolutions. The program proved to be so successful that automation handles nearly half of the eligible tickets today. Moreover, the automations in place helped consistently beat speed and quality SLAs with this strategic client. 

To optimize for accuracy and adherence, Simplr first introduced automation for a single ticket type in a controlled rollout and gradually expanded to add new intents. To ensure Asurion’s customers received a high quality service experience, Simplr’s machine learning (ML) algorithm could detect the intent of a ticket before it provided a resolution. However, when the ML algorithm was uncertain about an intent, it routed the ticket to Simplr’s Human Cloud Network for assistance, which in turn helped train the model. 

In an effort to ensure a high quality of service, Simplr’s automation program actively monitored CSAT and audit data to fine tune the automations. Moreover, the Simplr ops team was readily available 24/7 in case Asurion had a change in processes which required the automations to be updated.

Simplr’s integration with retailer selling platforms gives high-volume sellers like Asurion enhanced capabilities that may not be readily available on the retailer’s existing platform. These may include:

  • The ability to measure CSAT on each customer interaction
  • Highly-personalized email responses that, when mixed with quick first response times, create an experience that’s a cut above the competition.
  • On-demand staffing that can easily scale up to volume surges.

Simplr helps Asurion maintain its 25-year legacy of excellence in customer experience, a bedrock of Asurion’s award-winning, people-first culture.