The Upstream Series: Customer Experience Redefined


The technologies and processes behind customer service have changed dramatically over the years, yet the messaging and mindset around customer experience roles remains disproportionately unaffected. The Upstream Series, which strives to elevate underrepresented voices in the Customer Experience space is back with a new focus for the March event: Redefining CX! But what exactly does it mean to redefine customer experience? Simply put, highlighting the innovation that powers successful customer-centered programs and celebrating the wins of organizations that invest in those who directly support their customers. 

The CXLife team is delighted to partner again with our parent company, Simplr, and our friends at Socialive to continue the conversation. The themes and discussions at this session hopefully spread awareness of the fact that Customer Experience is not a costly obligation, rather, a revenue driver and the future of business! Save your seat today to join the conversation on Tuesday, March 22 at 12 noon ET. 

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