Simplr’s New Book Is Your Blueprint for CX Success


Experience is Everything, authored by Simplr CEO Eng Tan and CMO Daniel Rodriguez, explores how the world’s most innovative CX organizations are consistently delighting customers and generating revenue, sparking a new movement called NOW CX. 

There’s a revolution brewing in how customers want to engage with brands…

Today’s consumer, who we call the NOW Customer, is always on (and always online) and expects rapid resolutions and authentic engagement from every brand they frequent… Across all channels and all touchpoints now

Welcome to the era of NOW CX! 

And as business leader and New York Times bestselling author Shep Hyken aptly put it, it’s time for businesses to “join the NOW CX movement today or risk being run over by your competitors tomorrow.” 

That’s right. Businesses need to jump aboard the NOW CX train today, or they risk losing revenue, market share, and customer loyalty. Most importantly, they risk falling behind the competition. 

A Simplr study found that 51% of customers will never do business with a company again after just one negative experience.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Businesses can learn from a handful of companies that are delivering top-tier customer experiences that transform consumers into buyers, and buyers into five-star fans. In other words, they can learn CX best practices firsthand from leaders of the NOW CX movement. 

And that’s where our newly published book Experience is Everything comes in. 

Experience is Everything serves as the ultimate blueprint for CX success. It compiles tips, advice, and insights from dozens of the world’s most forward-thinking CXOs and CX leaders. 

Business leaders from all-star brands like Burger King and Shopify reveal the foundational principles upon which to build innovative and impactful CX programs, as well as specific tactical recommendations to ensure CX success. They pull back the curtain on how to leverage innovations in technology, alternative ways of working, and new CX programs to better meet skyrocketing consumer expectations.

Moreover, the CX experts featured in our book share their real stories of success and missteps so that readers, too, can deliver exceptional experiences that win the hearts, minds, and wallets of the NOW Customer.

Our book also includes case studies that spotlight the good (and not-so-good) CX strategies of well-known brands like Peloton, Netflix, Shutterstock, and more. 

(Side note: If you haven’t heard about Peloton’s 2020 CX slipup that was initially sparked by shipping delays, you’ll want to read that part carefully…After all, brands are expected to face supply chain challenges once again in 2021!)  

By sharing real-life case studies and anecdotes such as Peloton’s, it is my hope that we can work together to elevate CX as a whole and do better by our customers. 

Below are a few key takeaways about NOW CX that I hope Experience is Everything readers walk away with:

Takeaway #1: Customer neglect is a much bigger problem than most CX leaders realize

While customer neglect used to take the form of an in-store rep ignoring a customer walking aimlessly down an aisle, it’s now happening across a much wider (and more complicated) spectrum of digital touch points: delayed email responses, lack of live chat, unanswered social media direct messages, long hold times, and unresolved Yelp reviews just to name a few! 

Regardless of the form customer neglect takes, one thing is painfully clear: customer expectations have risen, and in turn so have the opportunities to neglect them, making it a much bigger problem than ever before.

Takeaway #2: The organizational structure of CX teams needs to become more flexible 

While customer expectations have evolved over time, the ways in which CX organizations are structured largely haven’t. Many CX organizations still use staid, hierarchical contact centers that suffer from high attrition and exorbitant training, forecasting and staffing resources. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. The rise of the on-demand workforce provides a new way for CXOs and CX leaders to meet the demands of the NOW Customer by leveraging an always-on workforce made up of true customer service experts who enjoy inherently higher job satisfaction and  effectiveness ratings than traditional contact center employees. 

Takeaway #3: CX leaders must transform how their organizations are viewed by other leaders in their company

For as long as there have been CX organizations, there has been the mistaken notion that they exist as cost centers and little else. The NOW CX movement offers a fresh start for CX leaders to recalibrate their own influence. 

But doing so requires an overhaul of metrics and methods. CX leaders need to track upsell and cross-sell activities, conversion rates, customer LTV impacted by service and support, and a much wider range of KPIs in order to paint a much more comprehensive portrait of how CX impacts an organization. CX leaders also need to establish a culture of revenue generation through customer delight!

Takeaway #4: Simplr has developed a step-by-step process of becoming a NOW CX organization

Experience is Everything was written from the insights of dozens of the most forward-looking and innovative CX leaders. Through these learnings, we developed a new model for successfully growing CX organizations in the NOW CX era. We outline the 3 stages of becoming a NOW CX organization in our book, and those who follow our step-by-step guide will transform their reactive, cost-centric CX model to a proactive, revenue-driving powerhouse. 

Interested in learning even more tips and secrets for ensuring NOW CX success? Grab your copy of Experience is Everything today! 

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