How QSRs Can Build Better Brand Loyalty And Revenue With Exceptional Customer Experiences


Despite pandemic-induced operational changes, the fundamentals of a great restaurant business remain the same: create exceptional experiences that keep customers hungry for more. Serving the best experience for the NOW Customer is a tall order, however, as they don’t just want—but expect—the easiest, most delightful experience possible.

While many major Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants are doing many things right, there are still massive opportunities for brands to stand out from their competitors. In some cases, the recipe for success will require just a few small adjustments, rather than any major overhaul. We understand that creating a flawless customer journey in the QSR space can be daunting, but we’re here to help!

3 ways to put heat on your competitors

1. Make customer support easy to find (and use)

Simplr’s State of Digital CX in QSR Report found that, of the highest-scoring Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurant brands, 98% had a customer support channel that was “very easy” to find in the app. Don’t make hangry customers search far and wide for help when it can be right at their fingtertips!

Take it a step further and ensure you’ve implemented an omnichannel customer service (OCS) strategy. While customers may not know the term “omnichannel customer service,” they certainly appreciate the experience of getting exactly what they need, when they need it, through the method that is most convenient for them at any given moment.

2. Activate in-app live chat

Many QSR brands had fully-functioning apps, but only 11% had a live chat option, per Simplr research.

Restaurants live and die by their overall guest experience, so the last thing you want is to leave them feeling hungry—or worse—hangry! Give your customers a sweet reminder with fast, empathetic service delivered across all digital channels no matter the issue. In that same QSR industry report we identified that, while a majority of the brands had fully functioning apps, only 11% had a live chat option. This presents a huge opportunity to stand out from the competition and win more NOW Customers (and their wallets) in the moment with top-notch customer service. Stay ahead and convert more customers with an always-on live chat experience.

3. Respond at record speeds

How fast is fast enough? This sounds like a trick question, because if your customers are hungry, you don’t have a second to spare when it comes to being available to solve their needs. 37% of customer inquiries in the QSR space take longer than 48 hours to get a response, per Simplr data. This is frustrating for customers and, dare we say it—customer neglect! Your goal should be to keep your First Response Time (FRT) as low as possible because a speedy first response shows customers that you are taking them seriously.

Food for thought

Every interaction a customer has with your brand is an opportunity to build loyalty and revenue. But this means you need to get it right the first time. By intelligently blending the best of humans and technology, you’ll be able to deliver an always-on, always-personal experience, whenever and wherever they want to engage.