Generative AI for CX Leaders


What You Need to Know to Help Transform Customer Experiences and Reduce Costs

Since the launch of ChatGPT, generative AI has become one of the most important topics for business leaders. Across the board from middle-management to executive leadership to board rooms, every business is trying to figure out how generative AI can transform their processes, enhance their customer experiences, and ultimately reduce costs. 

While Artificial Intelligence has been around for decades, the ease of use and public exposure of ChatGPT has created heightened visibility with the average consumer and quickly gained momentum for business leaders. From a customer experience perspective, there is great excitement (but also fear) in how large language models, like ChatGPT, can be used in customer- facing settings. 

The biggest opportunities for generative AI to help leaders transform their customer experience are through powering customer service chatbots and implementing agent assist capabilities for customer service agents. Let’s dive into each use case. 

Customer Service Chatbots 

An LLM chatbot provides a superior customer experience and has the following benefits over intent-based bots: 

  • Conversational – Just as humans do, the bot can handle small talk and cut through extraneous information to understand key questions the customer is asking and respond with information the customer requested. Answers to customers’ questions  (e.g. “what size fire pit you got?”) are provided in a conversational manner rather than as FAQs.
  • Multi-turn conversations – Answers multiple questions being asked in one chat (e.g.“Can it stay outside when it rains? And do you offer a warranty if damaged?”), and answers both in one chat window rather than linking out to multiple answers and/or links. 
  • Multilingual without source context – Can easily respond to multiple languages without translation services or source material written in each language. 
  • Responds with contextual memory – Tracks context and remembers what the customer has already shared in an earlier chat so that when a customer asks “what’s the next one in size?” the bot responds with the actual answer (not just linking to info the customer needs to read).
  • Generates responses based on unstructured data – Uses unstructured data from sources like a website or pdfs to generate responses.

Agent Assist 

Generative AI can be used to supercharge customer service agents through: 

  • Knowledge Assistance: If a customer’s question falls outside of your knowledge base, LLMs can provide a suggestion that the human agent can use as a base. 
  • Summarize Previous Conversations: Can formulate a prompt, or even summarize an entire conversation, so agents receiving escalations can quickly get up to speed and start responding instantly. 
  • General Guidance: LLMs can proactively warn agents to pay attention to certain elements of the incoming customer message and customize them to brand policies or procedures. 
  • Drive Conversions: Generative AI can also help agents look for opportunities to optimize and drive revenue, leading to more conversions by surfacing upsell opportunities and suggesting complementary products or encouraging product exchanges versus returns. 

Leveraging GenAI Without the Risks

Even with all of the benefits, many analysts and reporters have cautioned against using ChatGPT directly on a business’s website due to risks of manipulation, hallucination, unpredictability, and security risks. Whether companies have internal AI capabilities or are working with a partner, they should always keep three key things in mind – Safety, Control, and Expertise – in order to move ahead with confidence towards generative AI that is predictable and trustworthy.  

So, what do you need to think about when evaluating trust and safety in a generative AI provider? And, what questions should you ask when evaluating a generative AI provider to find the best one for you? 

Download our Get Smart Guide on Generative AI for CX Leaders to learn more about the different use cases generative AI has for CX, how to keep trust and safety at the forefront when leveraging generative AI, and to feel confident about bringing generative AI into your business to improve customer experience without the risks. 

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