3 CX Metrics Every Quick Service & Fast Casual Restaurant Should Be Measuring


The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and Fast Casual Restaurant industries have been completely transformed in the past three years– from the ordering experience to the way food arrives on our plates. Many restaurants have adapted to new customer expectations, accelerating their adoption of digital ordering services and payment systems to provide seamless dining experiences that keep customers coming back for seconds.

For many QSR and Fast Casual restaurant brands, this urgent shift to meet demand has also resulted in the increased use of chatbots on websites and in-app. But the questions—and challenges—remain: how satisfied are your customers with that chatbot experience? Are they getting resolutions, or having to jump through hoops (and other channels) just to get a refund? And as the brand name running the show, are you even leveraging the right data to continuously improve the customer journey and build loyalty among your best customers? 

By answering the what, how and why of the chatbot experience, CX leaders at Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants will be able to identify successes and opportunities for improvement to build better brand loyalty and increase revenue. 

Satisfying Customer Cravings

The NOW Customers are hard to please—they demand consistent personalization and responsiveness in every digital experience. When their meals are on the line, expectations only get higher. So how do you know if your bot is satisfying their cravings, as they navigate hurdles like third-party delivery fails or technical errors?

  1. Resolution rate. This is an incredibly important metric that answers a very simple question: did the user get what they came for? At the end of the day, this is what matters in CX (particularly for automation), and is a major driver of customer satisfaction. Even in instances where food orders were incorrect, Simplr research shows that 80% of customers felt “better” about their overall experience when the company issued an instant refund or restaurant credit. Amazing customer support that delivers a blend of empathy and refunds will always generate more revenue for a business.
  1. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). CSAT is our metric of choice when it comes to customer sentiment. QSR and Fast Casual restaurants can leverage CSAT to know how the customer is feeling after the interaction with the chatbot. What we’ve always known as key ingredients for CX success—a personal touch, empathy, and speedy resolutions— remains true in the digital space. In fact, that same QSR market study also found that 90% of consumers who had a poor ordering experience still increased their likelihood of repurchasing from the company after a good customer service interaction.
  1. Customer Effort Score (CES). CES provides insight into the “why” behind low customer satisfaction ratings, plus the barriers that need to be removed in order to drive loyalty and happiness. According to Gartner, customer effort is the strongest driver of consumer loyalty – or disloyalty. Their research found that reducing customer effort has a proven relationship to higher-level goals in an organization, such as maintaining loyalty and minimizing service costs. The same holds true for quick service and fast casual restaurants: great customer service increases loyalty and repurchase rates, even when the ordering experience is not so hot.

Great Customer Service Increases Loyalty and Repurchase Rates

Let’s be real: mishaps are inevitable in the food business, especially when so many third-party factors are at play. Luckily for you, stellar customer service is the antidote to unavoidable blunders. Collecting and analyzing data on your digital experience will shed light on how satisfied your customers are and identify areas for improvement. Most importantly, it will give you a leg up on the competition!

The Secret Sauce for Exceptional CX

In the restaurant industry, there’s simply too much competition to provide poor service. With Simplr, you won’t have to worry about that! Simplr’s EngageNow Suite allows you to get the most out of automation and human talent to deliver a high-quality customer experience while reducing costs. And the best part is, the EngageNow Suite is a fully-managed service, which means you don’t have to worry about any set-up, training, or ongoing management.

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