Technical Troubleshooting

Complex technical troubleshooting. Automated

Technical troubleshooting inquiries are often the most expensive support interactions. With Simplr’s generative AI solutions, they can be automated for the very first time, driving up resolution rates while driving down costs.

Decrease troubleshooting costs with a bot that ‘remembers’

Like your best human support agents, Simplr’s chatbot can engage in complex interactions which involve multiple questions, products, and can remember which steps were previously attempted to solve the issue to offer the next best potential solution to the issue. Unlike your best human agents, the bot requires no training sessions or ongoing coaching.

Discarding the noise to boost efficiency

The way customers describe their problems can make it hard for some bots to understand what the technical problem is. SImplr’s LLM-based bot parses through the noise to deliver fast resolutions.

Backed by the leader in technology troubleshooting

Simplr is a subsidiary of Asurion, the largest technology care and insurance provider in the world with 300 million customers. We have taken that expertise and experience to design the most effective troubleshooting chatbot available.