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Thursday Boot Company 
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“Our main goals are response time and quality of customer interaction. Working with Simplr helped in such a tremendous way. It enabled us to never lose that quality.”


Thursday Boot Company, a NYC-based startup, makes modern footwear delivered to its community at the best possible value. Thursday is relentlessly focused on delivering the highest quality products with best-in-class customer service. The Customer Care team is passionate about its customers and believes that buying footwear should be fun, not stressful.

We sat down with Alicia Martinez, Founding Partner and Chief of Customer Care to learn how her team uses Simplr to maintain their customer service standards no matter the fluctuation in volume.


Given the nature of retail, especially in a startup environment, Thursday Boot Company often experienced significant fluctuations in volume. They knew they needed to find a way to have someone on call for these fluctuations, but it was challenging to bring resources on board quickly and effectively, and only as needed. 


Quality resources, on demand.

One of the elements that drew Thursday to partner with Simplr was the ability to begin working together without committing to a long-term contract.

Once Thursday tested out Simplr’s platform, they were struck by the quality of Simplr’s interactions with their customers. “What’s nerve-wracking about bringing someone on is getting them to know the tone and the products. With [Simplr], it was really easy,” says Martinez.

On onboarding: “Easy to get started with Simplr. You guys communicated really well and you worked with us after hours.

On the quality of the partnership and communication between Simplr and Thursday: “Felt like the team was really genuine in conversations with our customers” / “ (The) quality of the agents has been my favorite feature.”

Another deciding factor in choosing Simplr was the flexibility built into the services. As a rapidly growing startup, Thursday wasn’t able to predict when the volume would spike and by how much. Simplr was able to offer flexible services, “reliable to jump in as needed” with hardly any turnaround time.


Consistently high quality and quick response rates especially during unexpected peaks in volume.

When there is an unexpected influx of emails, “the main challenge is not being able to respond quickly,” says Martinez. “You only have so many agents. Simplr helped so much with that challenge.” The Customer Care team at Thursday was able to call on Simplr to provide on-demand support when it was needed. For Thursday, this flexibility is key when it comes to launching a new product. “We can start and stop the services but never lose the quality.”

"Our main goals are response time and quality of customer interaction. Working with Simplr helped in such a tremendous way"


-Alicia Martinez

Director of customer experience, Thursday Boots

About Simplr

Simplr was incubated and funded by Asurion, the largest technology protection and support provider in the world. Serving more than 300 million customers today, Asurion gives Simplr the secure financial backing and access to a broad range of customer service capabilities developed over its 23-year old heritage of customer experience excellence. Where enterprise-level solutions are costly and restrictive, Simplr can provide world-class customer support tailored specifically to the needs (and budgets) of high growth startups.