The Adventure Challenge and Simplr: A Partnership for CX Excellence

Human connection is a crucial element of personal wellbeing. The Adventure Challenge is no stranger to this notion. The company creates products with adventure and connection at the core. Each product contains scratch-off activities which promote meaningful relationships through out-of-the-box adventures that strengthen bonds, get people out of their comfort zones, and create lasting memories. Its books provide a space to document experiences and preserve fond memories.

“We want to help create moments of authentic connection, where the world surprises you in a good way and you forget to put up your walls long enough to SEE the person you’re with – and be seen,” explains CEO Ben Day.

The company’s belief in the power of positive experiences is present throughout the organization. That’s why the Adventure Challenge partners with Simplr to support its CX initiatives. The partnership allows the company to scale with its rapid growth and changing seasonal demands. With aid from Simplr delivering high-quality support to customers, its internal CX team can prioritize more complex tickets and avert dreadful backlogs. The Adventure Challenge’s CX team led by Customer Experience Manager Emma Kantor, is so successful they won a Stevie® Award for Sales and Customer Service in 2022.

The challenge

Started in 2018, the Adventure Challenge grew into an $80 million company in a short amount of time. As it got more popular, products began flying off the shelves, and thousands of customers began reaching out for support. The CX team handled thousands of tickets every week but the number of tickets continued to climb and affected the team’s morale. As the Christmas season loomed, the Adventure Challenge’s CX team had to scale to minimize and prevent overbearing backlogs, boost team morale, and meet customer expectations without sacrificing the quality of care.

The solution

The Adventure Challenge explored a few options that could maintain its email and live chat support presence. Call centers were ruled out because of their limited multichannel support capabilities and lack of personalized care. Ultimately, the company chose Simplr to join its CX team because the quality of support was unrivaled with its ability to match the Adventure Challenge’s CX voice. With direction from the company’s CX Team, Simplr provided high-quality support resolutions and customers had a personalized response within 20 minutes of contact.

“We worked with our Success Manager to create macros Simplr Experts can use to become a unified voice with our company,” explained Emma, “ best of all, everyone at Simplr is very people-driven and kind. It aligns with our company values.”

The business grew rapidly over the years and the demand to assist customers grew along with it. Simplr made it easy for the company to scale its CX program with access to Simplr’s Human Cloud Network. By notifying its Success Manager of the current business needs, the Adventure Challenge could adjust according to the size of its business and seasonal changes. It kept seasonal ticket spikes manageable and pushed qualified tickets to Simplr, which saved the team an average of 20 hours a week. This allowed internal agents to focus on intricate tickets while Simplr answered general queries.

“What I love about Simplr is that they’re able to take more of our general questions and bring updates to our customers which gives our team more time to answer tickets with complex problems. We’re able to use our time more efficiently and not get weighed down by an overflow of simple tickets. They’ve really helped streamline our workflow.” Customer Experience Supervisor, Melissa Mowat.

The ability to scale its support from Simplr made managing and staffing for the seasons easier. The Simplr team acted as an extended arm in the Adventure Challenge’s CX toolbox, always there and ready to help when called for. 

“They have allowed us to not hire and have to train tons of seasonal staff as we can rely on our relationship and communication with them to ebb and flow with our demand.” Emma Kantor, Customer Experience Manager.

The Results

The Adventure Challenge furthered its mission to make meaningful human connections through its CX team by making sure they are fully supported by Simplr. Relying on Simplr to deliver a high-quality CX, the company has an average:

  • Customer Satisfaction Score of 4.71/5
  • Customer Effort Score of 6.2/7
  • First Response Time of under 20 minutes

    Its high marks are key indicators of customer loyalty and repeat buyers. Creating positive customer experiences isn’t just good for the soul, it also helps the business’ bottom line. They’ve even got a Stevie® to prove it!

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About the Adventure Challenge CX Team

The CX team at The Adventure Challenge is led by manager, Emma Kantor and supervisors Melissa Mowat, Christina Peterson, and Julie Walker. Their mission is to see the value in everyone and serve others by showing up with intentionality, excellence, and compassion. They treat every interaction as an opportunity to make a difference, find solutions, and create lasting connections.  In 2022, The Adventure Challenge won a Stevie® Award for Sales & Customer Service, further highlighting its team’s CX excellence.