Tecovas Responds to Customers Faster with Simplr

“The online shopping experience is 24/7. The fact that we now have overnight and weekend coverage helps us so much.”


Tecovas’s story began with a simple desire for handmade, high-quality leather boots that didn’t break the bank. Find out how this artisan boot maker cut their response time in half with Simplr – without sacrificing the quality and authenticity of their brand. 


In spring of 2018, the Tecovas team hit a breaking point. They were constantly inundated with tickets, with a large backlog that always seemed to be growing, despite the team’s best efforts.

Already swamped, they didn’t have the bandwidth to take on additional customer support channels – which they knew they needed to scale. Email requests alone were keeping customer support team members at the office until 10pm or later. The small team handled as many tickets as they could during the work day, but struggled to keep up with requests that came in on nights and weekends.


When considering their options, Summer says the team was hesitant to trust customer experience to an external team: “Outsourcing something that’s so close to your brand is always going to make you nervous, but outsourcing provides such flexibility that a small company like ours just doesn’t have.” 

The Tecovas team searched for an outsourced customer support team that would be able to maintain the team’s rigorous standards for customer experience, and that would also be able to adapt to the company’s needs as it grew. “We knew we needed the help yesterday, and we felt that Simplr had the right structure and experience.” 

Before handing over the reigns, it was important to Summer (and the rest of the team) to find alignment in terms of the quality of customer experience that they wanted to provide across all channels. She knew that preparation would be key – but was surprised at how quickly the Simplr team was able to start speaking the Tecovas language. “The management and communication has always been great,” she remarked, “It was quicker than I thought it would be.”


Within two weeks, the Simplr team was able to take over a majority of the incoming customer support tickets. Summer explained that the Simplr team has felt like an extension of her own team. Even after initial onboarding, the Simplr team has been exceptionally communicative and invested in growing and adapting with the company: “They’ve always been able to pivot very seamlessly to feedback.” 

In addition to assisting with email tickets, Simplr was able to add a business hours phone line, and a chat box to the Tecovas website – more channels for providing the same quality of service as always, now faster than ever before. Tecovas is now able to respond to their customers in half the time it used to take. And that never-ending backlog? Gone.

The Tecovas team is looking forward to unprecedented growth now that they are able to provide exceptional customer experience at scale.