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Ken and his team envision a world where all caregivers have the tools and resources to provide care. With every stethoscope that is purchased, StethoHope will help a caregiver in need.


StethoHope was inspired by the personal experiences of its founder, Ken Jackson, a second-generation Jamaican-American, who witnessed the overwhelming lack of health care resources in impoverished communities around the globe. Ken came to understand the lack of hope that exists in medical facilities in need of such essential equipment and was determined to do something to help.

In the first year alone, StethoHope donated 300 stethoscopes to medical providers in seven developing countries, including Jamaica, Cuba, Vietnam, Haiti, and Ghana.

Ken and his team envision a world where all healthcare providers have the necessary resources to provide adequate care, and they are dedicated to bringing hope to these countries and their communities.


Ken faced a classic entrepreneur's dilema: A big vision restrained by a small staff and an even smaller budget. Prior to partnering with Simplr - and in true "solopreneur "fashion - Ken was taking and responding to a majority of the customer inquiries himself. Because of this, he was left with less time to focus on growing the company, creating new products, and fulfilling Stethohope’s mission.

While he didn’t have the resources to hire full-time customer support staff, he knew that in order to scale his business, he needed a solution. Enter Simplr.   


Simplr worked with Ken and Stethohope to develop a customer support system that is able to respond to inquiries around the clock, no matter the day. This was essential to the success of Stethohope, as many of its manufacturers and clients are located around the globe. Ken said that ‘it’s very important to be accessible on all platforms and be able to communicate with our clients and respond in a timely, efficient manner” and that’s just what Simplr has done.

Since the mission of Stethohope and the work they do is so personal for Ken, he wanted to ensure he could trust a customer support partner to not only respond to support questions in a timely manner, but to be able to answer the very specific questions in an authentic, human tone. He said, “What I love about Simplr, as opposed to other platforms, is the level of investment Simplr has (in our business). Simplr is able to respond to customer questions in our tone and voice, and that is so important.”


Simplr has given Ken and his team back 10 hours of their work weeks. This time would have otherwise been spent on customer support inquiries and instead, has allowed them to focus on growth and the future.

Ken also said that one of the biggest benefits in partnering with Simplr has been the learning. “Simplr has been a resource in how to do customer service”. Simplr has taught them industry best practices and been able to set standards of service that exceeded Stethohope’s expectations. Ken said that he is “looking forward to scaling and growing with Simplr”.

"Using Simplr freed up 10 hours a week - now we can focus more on high-level initiatives like strategic planning, future growth, adding products to our catalog, customer and client engagement and giving back"


-Ken Jackson

CEO, StethoHope

About Simplr

Simplr was incubated and funded by Asurion, the largest technology protection and support provider in the world. Serving more than 300 million customers today, Asurion gives Simplr the secure financial backing and access to a broad range of customer service capabilities developed over its 23-year old heritage of customer experience excellence. Where enterprise-level solutions are costly and restrictive, Simplr can provide world-class customer support tailored specifically to the needs (and budgets) of high growth startups.


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