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“Using Simplr has built up a better trust with our customers and allowed our volume to increase.”


Sonja Morgan is a veteran of the New York fashion, retail, reality, and nonprofit scenes. The Real Housewives of New York City entrepreneur’s apparel label, SONJA by Sonja Morgan, was launched on the heels of her lifestyle brand Sonja Morgan New York. The line of clothing and accessories is available online and in select pop-up shops around the world.

SONJA customers reach out with all kinds of questions about product information, sizing, shipping times, order status, and refunds. Other businesses or charities will also request partnership opportunities through email and live chat.

Laura Cantor, owner of the e-commerce agency Eleven Commerce, handles the daily operations of Sonja’s Shopify store, and reached out to Simplr for a customer service solution.


Prior to partnering with Simplr, SONJA by Sonja Morgan had a two-person team of agents that fulfilled all customer service tickets from email, live chat, and social media. While the store performs well all year, there’s always a major spike in customer volume once The Real Housewives of New York City airs. Sonja’s products get a major boost on air. With millions of viewers each season, it’s no wonder the store gets overwhelmed with fans and customers.

The seasonal surges were too much for the agents to handle on their own. They were putting in long hours during the week and weekends, but, of course, couldn’t cover overnight shifts. “A lot of customers go on really late at night, so we wanted to be able to service those customers on chat and email… quickly,” Laura explains.

The store needed as solution to supplement their existing team by providing 24/7 coverage - whenever they needed it.


Laura opted for a 7-day free trial with Simplr to test out its 24/7, US-based solution on email and chat. The company is using Gorgias, a customer service helpdesk specially designed for Shopify stores, which Laura describes as having “a really great integration with Simplr.”

After a successful trial, SONJA by Sonja Morgan and Simplr became official partners.

“Our customers like being able to talk to a human on the other end. I feel like there's no difference between our Simpler Specialists and our in-house agents. It's still acting as another person who works for us on the other end of the email or chat. We haven't had any customer reaction to the change that we made. It was a pretty seamless change for us.”


With Simplr, Gorgias, and SONJA’s in-house team at the helm, the online store garnered impressive customer service results, including:

  • Streamlined customer service process. Thanks to machine learning, Simplr has “the ability to answer customer service questions quicker, and more effectively,” according to Laura. Simplr is also able to maintain a more consistent brand voice.

  • Increased bandwidth. Simplr is able to take on the majority of SONJA’s emails and chats, freeing the rest of the team to focus on hitting KPIs and taking on phone support - a capability they were unable to support before hiring Simplr. “The caliber of the Simplr Specialists is really high because they're all US based and educated. We haven't has so much of an issue of not being able to handle most of our requests.

  • Improved FAQs. “[Simplr has] done a really great job studying what types of questions we get that have helped us relay the information to the customer in a more effective way.”

  • Increased sales. “Customers really appreciate that there is someone willing to chat with them. A lot of people have a lot of questions about products that help them make a decision whether or not they're going to buy. In terms of returns or any questions about refunds or returns, we always answer really promptly. I do feel that it's built up a better trust with our customers and allowed our volume to increase.”

"Simplr is a novel, effective concept that allows us to operate high volume to volume without having to spend more. We've been really happy with it so far."


-Laura Cantor

Founder, Eleven Commerce

About Simplr

Simplr was incubated and funded by Asurion, the largest technology protection and support provider in the world. Serving more than 300 million customers today, Asurion gives Simplr the secure financial backing and access to a broad range of customer service capabilities developed over its 23-year old heritage of customer experience excellence. Where enterprise-level solutions are costly and restrictive, Simplr can provide world-class customer support tailored specifically to the needs (and budgets) of high growth startups.



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