Princess Polly Reduces Phone Volume by 46% with Simplr’s 24/7 Live Chat Staffing

Simplr jumping on board and assisting with our chat and email volume has been a blessing…It has truly been an incredible experience.

 Alexandria Collis, Director of Operations, Princess Polly

Princess Polly, an Australia-based global online fashion boutique, knows the value of exceptional customer service. In the past, the brand’s CX team feared losing customers due to email overload and lack of 24/7 live chat. But since partnering with Simplr, the team is not only reaching its NOW customers faster, they’re driving increased revenue for the company.

Increasing conversion rates with 24/7 human-staffed live chat 

For a global brand like Princess Polly, CS ticket surges come with the territory.  With email queues and phone lines jammed,  Princess Polly’s Director of Operations Alexandria Collis reached out to Simplr to get some relief.  

First step? Fire up 24/7 live chat.

By cracking open a fully-staffed chat channel (the preferred channel of Gen Z, after all), Alexandria’s teams were able to reach more Princess Polly customers faster. The company’s 24/7 live chat (assisted by Simplr’s Human Cloud) is performing at a best-in-class level: 90% of response times are under 30 seconds. 

This performance, paired with the brand’s 24/7 availability, makes for impressive chat-focused results:

  • 17%  conversion rate on Simplr-assisted purchases. Pre-sale chat is a surefire way to meet the NOW customer (and their credit card) in the moment. 
  • Repeat purchase rate that is 42% higher than those who do not engage.  It pays to engage the NOW customer on their terms. Best-in-class CX departments like the team at Princess Polly are proving the link between customer service and revenue growth. 

Hold the phone: Simplr’s flexible model adds efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Princess Polly has seen a significant reduction in phone volume since partnering with Simplr.  Historically, phone is the most expensive customer service channel to staff and maintain.  Since Simplr was able to give Princess Polly the ability to staff 24/7 live chat, they saw a significant decrease in their phone volume. “That was really exciting to see, because we know [phone] is the most costly channel. Once we got rid of some of that volume, we just were running so much more efficiently,” Alexandria said.

In the traditional contact center model, a company like Princess Polly would have had to increase staffing expenses by 91% to cover only 58% of chat customers.

Supercharging CX while enhancing EX

In addition to its stellar customer-centric results, Princess Polly has seen an improvement in morale among  CX  team members since partnering with Simplr.  “24/7 chat coverage really helps our team to stay productive and it helps our company’s culture,” Alexandria shared.  “[Our] agents feel good at work knowing that they’re not as stressed or having to deal with ‘low-hanging fruit’ questions.”

“The idea of Simplr was just too good to be true,”  recalled Collis. “To watch Simplr Specialists take Princess Polly tickets for the first time was an incredible experience. It was like they were doing the job for us… and to know that the volume was now manageable for our agents…. we were absolutely thrilled.

In the NOW customer era, 24/7 CX reigns 

Meeting the expectations of the NOW customer is more daunting than ever. Too many companies and brands feel stuck with a model that limits their ability to meet the NOW customer in the moment — without busting budgets.  Instead, by opting for a more flexible model powered by Simplr, Princess Polly is not only engaging more customers while cutting costs, but generating more revenue and freeing up the CX team as the company scales.

Alexandria summed things up, sharing how she feels more empowered to lead her team. “As a manager, I feel that I’m able to be there for my team a little bit more, as well as scale the business.”