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scales customer service 
across 100+ merch stores 



Running multiple online stores at once?


Is it possible to deliver a consistently awesome customer experience across hundreds of online stores? Yes.  


Futureshirts is a one-stop-shop for bands. The US-based global company provides merchandise, product development, tour support, e-commerce, and marketing for it's expansive portfolio of music industry clients. Jason Aldean, The Chainsmokers, Country Music Association, Live Nation, for KING & COUNTRY, and Yelawolf are among Futureshirts' clients.

Futureshirts is committed to excellence in design, development, and execution of high-quality products. When it comes to the e-commerce sites that Futureshirts builds and manages for its clients, delivering an exceptional customer/fan experience is paramount. This is the promise to clients:

We build and manage custom online shops through promotionally-minded account management, thoughtful campaigns, timely fulfillment, and relational customer service that will maximize fan loyalty and customer lifetime value.




With over 100 e-commerce sites for music artists, Futureshirts faced two challenges unique to the industry:

1. How to scale amazing customer experiences across hundreds of online stores; and

2. How to fine-tune a customer service voice and tone that's tailored to each artists' unique brand.

As the company grows rapidly (1-2 clients are added every week), a solution was needed to help maintain a pristine fan experience. 


E-comm and Customer Experience Account Manager Courtney Kirk leveraged Simplr to empower Futureshirts with a scaleable solution for its clients.

"Before Simplr, it was really just me and answering emails," explains Kirk. "When Simplr came in, [it] took so much off of my plate, which is awesome."

Not only could Simplr's vast network of human, US-based Simplr Specialists scale across Futureshirts' 100+ stores, it could also adjust voice and tone according to each brand. Thanks to machine learning, scripts for each store are created based on a quick historical analysis of past customer interactions. 

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The machine learning made the scripting and scaling possible for Futureshirts' clients, but it's the human network of Simplr Specialists that has added the special touch of fan delight. 

"The Simplr Specialists catch everything as soon as possible," explains Kirk. "If there are any questions they let me or the Futureshirts team know. It's just kind of really effective and just a great circle from there."

Simplr has been able to handle 60% of Futureshirts' clients' volume. "It's been great because [Simplr] allows us to have so much more time to do what we need to do as a team, whether it's fulfilling actual orders or working with our clients."

As Simplr has seen with its other partners in high-growth industries, the quality of customer service remains high even during periods of intense growth. For music merchandise stores, this means that Simplr's been able to adopt the tone of each brand to deliver a personalized experience.

"Simplr's been really great just to find the tone for the specific customer among all of the stores that we have.  And then if they need to change it at all, it's easily done and pretty quick, too."

"Ultimately, good customer service in the music merchandise business is just making sure you focus on finding the answer as quickly as possible."


-Courtney Kirk

Customer Experience Account Manager, Futureshirts

About Simplr

Simplr was founded by a group of corporate execs-turned-entrepreneurs who were determined to create the next best thing in outsourced customer service.

Simplr’s leadership team has a combined three decades of experience in the call center and customer experience industries. They noticed major cost and labor inefficiencies in the traditional BPO model, and decided to disrupt the whole thing… with help from the American remote workforce and cutting-edge machine learning.

The result is a fully-transparent, ultra-flexible business model designed to tackle the challenges of doing business online and accommodate the expectations of the ever-changing online consumer.

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