Chubbies Scaled its Support Team and Reduced Hiring Needs by 38% with Simplr

Chubbies was founded by a trio of friends who loved retro short shorts found at thrift shops (and the back of their dad’s closets). Since its start in 2011, Chubbies has quickly become a cult favorite, transforming menswear with its iconic 4-inch inseam shorts. The company has a memorable brand personality of being relaxed, fun-loving, and approachable; and its support team reflects that by treating every customer like a friend. 

Chubbies’ support team understands that customers want timely responses and a personal touch that’s true to the brand’s roots. Chubbies partners with Simplr because it matches the company’s personality and voice while delivering high-quality, empathetic support. With Simplr’s agents on the Human Cloud Network, Chubbies provided customers with a consistently efficient and high-quality customer experience without the need to hire additional heads. Guided by Simplr’s platform, support agents are provided with in-context guidance via response recommendations that mirror the brand’s unique voice and internal guidelines. Simplr’s AI-intent detection routes inquiries to the best-suited agent, ensuring every interaction is handled with the utmost attention to detail.

“Before Simplr it was virtually impossible for my team to keep up with volume during sudden spikes. We’ve learned to accept long, exhausting work days as the norm, which wasn’t ideal for our team’s well-being. With Simplr’s help, we’ve kept our inbox manageable, restored our team’s morale, and replied back to our customers in a reasonable timeframe. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Rachel Black, Customer Experience Manager

The problem

As a growing brand, Chubbies sought to scale its support function effectively, especially during seasonal peaks, new product launches, and marketing promotions. Prior to Simplr, Chubbies’ support team would receive a deluge of inquiries every spring and summer that created a severe backlog. Week-long queues led to frustrated customers and low customer satisfaction scores. Not only did it affect its customers, but the internal support team’s morale was also at an all-time low as it clawed through inquiries with no end in sight. 

Chubbies needed to solve the following issues:

  • Scale its support team to meet customer needs
  • Prevent backlogs from forming throughout the year
  • Real human support agents to bring Chubbies’ brand personality to life
  • Improve its customer satisfaction score

The solution 

Chubbies partnered with Simplr and instantly scaled its support team with agents on the Human Cloud Network. Simplr eliminates the need to hire, train, or onboard new employees because it does it all for the company. Simplr hires agents and its technology provides in-context guidance to its agents on every inquiry. Step by step, agents are fed the right answer to ensure customers receive a consistent experience that is true to the brand’s personality and guidelines. Simplr helps Chubbies manage its busiest seasons, support product launches, and marketing promotions with ease.

Chubbies’ partnership with Simplr has led to:

  • 24/7 fully staffed customer support team
  • Eliminating the need to hire, train, and onboard new agents
  • Preventing backlogs from building up despite the volatility throughout the year
  • A consistent customer support experience with every interaction that follows brand personality and policies

“What I really like about Simplr is its ability to match our brand’s voice when answering our customers’ questions. We can’t differentiate the responses between our own agents and Simplr’s and that’s exactly what we looked for.

Rachel Black, Customer Experience Manager

The results

Since its partnership with Simplr began, Chubbies’ customer support experience rose dramatically. Customer effort decreased while satisfaction rose, backlogs were kept at bay, and the morale of Chubbies’ support team climbed back up.

With Simplr providing 24/7 customer support Chubbies has:

  • 38% reduction in hiring needs
  • 4.7/5 Customer Satisfaction Score
  • 86% Customer Effort Score (75% is considered good)
  • 94% of live chat inquiries are responded to within 30 seconds
  • 100% of email inquiries are responded to in under 3 hours

“Not having to worry about hiring new agents has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I can put that time and energy back into coaching and mentoring my team. It feels great knowing that no matter how busy we get, Simplr has our back.”

Rachel Black, Customer Experience Manager

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Meet Rachel Black

Rachel Black, Customer Experience Manager, Chubbies

Rachel is a driven leader of the customer support team for Chubbies. She is fueled by her goals of creating a unique and personal experience for every current and potential customer as well as a solidified and confident team. She leverages customer feedback, data insights, and her intuition to make the best decisions possible for everyone involved. Her passion for customers and CX organizations continues to prosper as she takes every opportunity to grow and learn in her position.