ANINE BING Converts More Customers with 24/7 Live Chat Staffing

“Simplr is really allowing us to take our
business to the next level.”


In 2012, Scandinavian entrepreneur and designer Anine Bing founded her eponymous label, ANINE BING, a modern-day fashion house offering high-end essentials and statement pieces for women around the world. The Los Angeles-based fashion brand has stores in LA, New York, Paris, London, Barcelona, Madrid, and Berlin, with more opening later this year. 

Through the company’s innovative “see now, buy now” business model, customers rely on the brand for high-demand new arrivals that drop every Tuesday. The brand’s hyper-engaged community is made up of both ANINE BING customers and influencers sporting key looks. Often referred to as “Muses,” these women are considered the heart of the business. 

With one glance at #ANINEMuses on Instagram, it’s clear that women across the globe are rocking the brand’s signature rock ‘n’ roll style. As Customer Experience Manager Alex Vidaeff notes, the typical Muse is a strong, independent, empowered woman who “not only loves fashion, but [is] also really passionate about wellness and traveling,” showcasing the versatility and sophistication of women worldwide representing, loving, and wearing ANINE BING.



As is the case with most high-growth luxury fashion brands, ANINE BING’s customers are looking for an exceptional customer experience that matches the investment of their (potential) purchase. “They want a really hands-on, intimate experience that starts from the second they first interact with us,” notes Vidaeff. “Our customers want responses within minutes and they want to feel heard and they want to feel remembered. They’re really looking for us to go above and beyond for them.”

The two biggest challenges to filling this tall order? Time and resources. With a weekly drop every Tuesday, Muses are anxious to get fast responses to ensure that the exclusive product hasn’t sold out. Instagram buzz and anticipation heightens that sense of urgency, which can affect the way a customer feels on a store’s site.

With so many international customers, stretching the team’s bandwidth to cover nights and weekends felt unsustainable. As Vidaeff recalls, “it just wasn’t enough.”


ANINE BING partnered with Simplr so that the ANINE BING team could not only deliver a VIP experience, but could also expand its capabilities to bring that high-touch experience to the next level. “It was so easy to start working with Simplr; they were such a pleasure to work with from the very beginning.”

Team BING partnered with Simplr to see firsthand how the company could help ANINE BING Muses get the most out of their shopping experiences. “I could tell from our very first call that Simplr really cares about their partners.” She worked every day with a Simplr Partner Success Team Member to share best practices and fine-tune messaging.

“[Simplr was] very receptive to feedback. Our first week working with Simplr, I was speaking with them for hours every day, providing feedback on what improvements we could make and also pointing out what was working really well.”


ANINE BING is enjoying taking the Muse experience “to the next level.” Here’s how Simplr has helped:

  • Make 24/7 staffing a reality. With 24/7 coverage, ANINE BING can better serve and convert customers – both US and international – during peak shopping hours.  
  • Decreased email first response times by 86%
  • Decreased live chat first response time by 95%, with the majority of chats being answered in 90 seconds or less.
  • Provided consistent feedback about ANINE BING customers. Simplr has provided insights (such as items that numerous customers are requesting to be restocked) that help Vidaeff’s team optimize the customer experience.