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'47 x Simplr 
Flexible cost structure helps
scale great support


Time for a customer service shake-up?


“It was like we saved money…  we always know where we stand every month and how much it cost. That's a great product to us.”


'47 is one of the biggest names in sports apparel. What started as a family-owned Fenway Park staple has ballooned into a global lifestyle brand driving over $200 million in revenue. It's a proud partner of the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and over 900 collegiate programs.

‘47’s successful transition from wholesaler to Newbury Street to e-commerce powerhouse exemplifies the company’s 72-year history of hustle and passion:


The company’s customer base has expanded from 40-60 year-old men looking for “dad hats” to a much wider swath of sports and apparel enthusiasts across the globe.



‘47 faced the dilemma all too common among high-performing e-commerce businesses: the growth of the company was outpacing the ability to deliver quick and attentive customer service. Facing fierce competition in the sports apparel industry, ‘47 cannot settle for less than excellence in customer service.

Consumer Experience Lead Peggy Baker, a seasoned CS professional with previous experience at Reebok, knows what customer service success looks like. “Whatever we need to do we want to make sure that we always have a happy customer. We don't want a customer to leave our website because they're unhappy with the service that we've given them.”

Prior to partnering with Simplr, Peggy led a customer service team of three. Given the company’s e-commerce growth and the seasonality of different sports, the team was swamped.  “We got a lot of email tickets and we weren't able to keep up with them,” explains Baker.

The breaking point came this year when ‘47 launched a partnership with Carhartt. Baker recalls that customers were eager for the product, even before it was released. At one point, ‘47 was getting four hundred emails within a few hours.

“At that point I said, ‘Hands up!  We can't do it. There's not enough of us to go around.’”



Baker reached out to Simplr in the middle of the Carhartt chaos and started implementation right away.  

In less than a week, Simplr’s network of U.S.-based Simplr Specialists were responding to a chunk of ‘47’s email inquiries with speed and empathy. “For us, the speed of being able to put something in place that quickly was unbelievably easy - easy, easy - for us as a customer,” said Baker.

Simplr’s pricetag for set-up was good, too.

“The cost for us to get started with Simplr was nothing, and that was a very big shock.” Unlike traditional BPOs or call centers, Simplr has no start-up fees, contracts or minimums.  This model paves the way for partnerships that are based on transparency and results. Adds Baker, “it was like we saved money… we always know where we stand every month, how much it cost, and that's a great product to us.”



By leveraging Simplr’s advanced AI technology and network of Simplr Specialists, ‘47’s customer service is operating in an entirely new league. According to Baker, Simplr has given ‘47 “the competitive edge” in the global sports apparel industry, due to:
  • 79% decrease in email first response time.
  • Relief from ticket backlog
  • 93% customer satisfaction score.

Additionally, Baker and her team now have more bandwidth to recharge and enjoy the sports they love.

“Prior to Simplr being partnered with us, we would have to work on the weekends. If we're watching football or a baseball game… we would have to come home and do tickets to make it a doable Monday because Mondays used to be our craziest day of the week. So no matter what, all hands on deck, tickets had to be answered on Monday. And that's gone away, and that has just made for life much easier for '47.”

"Simplr has offered us some great customer service insights from their experience... that's one of those priceless things you just don't get if you're not working with a great partner."


-Peggy Baker

Consumer Experience Lead, '47

About Simplr

Simplr was incubated and funded by Asurion, the largest technology protection and support provider in the world. Serving more than 300 million customers today, Asurion gives Simplr the secure financial backing and access to a broad range of customer service capabilities developed over its 23-year old heritage of customer experience excellence. Where enterprise-level solutions are costly and restrictive, Simplr can provide world-class customer support tailored specifically to the needs (and budgets) of high growth startups.



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