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Nine Approaches To Achieving Success As An Entrepreneur
June 12, 2018

Today’s entrepreneurs must have the ability to quickly unlearn everything they know. The modern business world is moving so fast that it’s imperative for entrepreneurs not only to relearn and absorb the firehose of new information, but restructure their mental framework to create an open, unbiased mind and perspective. 

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Small Business Week: 4 Key Tech Trends
May 1, 2018

Simplr’s services are just one example of the things small businesses can do with the cloud. A decade ago, meeting the logistical challenges of a small business trying to outsource customer service for a low price simply wouldn’t have been possible.

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Best Shopify Apps: Ecommerce Experts Recommend 15 Apps
Every Merchant Should Use 
June 22, 2018

Whether you're starting a new Shopify store or optimizing an established one, choosing the right apps and software for your store can be a huge challenge. After all, there are over 2,400 apps to choose from! How can you possibly separate the wheat from the chaff?

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Simplr Raises $8M in Series A to Combine Human Power and Machine
Learning and Disrupt Customer Service
April 17, 2018

Funded by support services giant Asurion, Simplr brings on-demand, affordable customer
service solutions to high-growth startups.

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The Company Using Human Power And Machine Learning To Tackle
Customer Service For Startups: Meet Simplr
April 11, 2018

62% of companies don't respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner and a majority of those companies have less than 100 employees. But in the booming e-commerce and startup community, most businesses aren't served by existing outsourced customer service solutions or have the bandwidth and budget for in-house teams. Enter Simplr. 

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The Funded: 5 Bay Area startups raise $50M at week's end
April 20, 2018

Five Bay Area companies scored about $50 million in venture funding at the end of the week, and Square bought another.

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Does Using Customer Service Chatbots Really Help Businesses Stay Green?
June 1, 2018

According to Simplr, customer service employees see an estimated turnover rate of around 30 to 45 percent annually. But thanks to chatbots, these companies can focus resources towards other longer-term concerns.

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