Introducing NOW CX

(Just in the nick of time)

Customer experience is the new battleground of business. NOW Customers choose who to do business with based on their complete experience with a brand, including the service they receive. Trouble is, their expectations are being set by the best in the world, like Amazon. So how do you win? NOW CX.

Exceed Expectations

The traditional CX model: fixed staffing, inflexible scheduling, costly training and constant turnover, forces you to make costly compromises that lead to deflection and neglect of the NOW Customer. So Simplr shifted ye olde paradigm. Now you can exceed expectations while keeping costs in check.

Save time and money

There’s no predicting the unpredictable. Or accurately forecasting for variable demand. So the only option is to invest the time and money necessary to hire and train while struggling to stem high attrition rates. And still, you get it wrong more than you get it right. It’s frustrating. Your company and your customers deserve better. So do you.

Turn the cost center into a revenue generator.

51% of customers will never again do business with a company that neglects them just one time. That’s a pretty high bar to get over. But if they’re shopping and you’re not available to answer questions, then your potential fans become someone else’s customers. Talk about CX being a cost center. Limiting hours or channels is no way to go through life.

Be there NOW

24/7/365 is just the start. Did you know that the peak shopping hours of the NOW Customer are between 5PM to 12AM? Precisely when most companies throttle the availability of their service agents. A bad experience is bad business. Luckily, Simplr has you covered without the constant resource planning typical today.

Engage across all touchpoints

The NOW Customer, like the digital economy, is always on and wants what they want, when they want it in the manner of their choosing. The traditional CX model would force you to leave them hanging, but with NOW CX you’ll be able to give rapid responses and exceptional service across all your digital and social channels.

A new model for a new day

Providing exceptional service that’s truly scalable, without forecasting or compromises, while turning a cost center into a revenue driver. That’s NOW CX.
Traditional Contact Center
  • Constant Resource Planning & Preparation
  • Costly Compromises
  • Deflecting
  • Neglected Customers
  • Cost Center

NOW CX done the Simplr way.

A combination of people, technology and insights allows you to offer the highest quality service across all your digital and social channels, create loyal fans, eliminate neglect, and drive revenue. Yeah, we can’t believe we did it either.

Human Cloud Network
  • Distributed Network of Specialists
  • Uniquely Talented Workforce
  • Outcome-Driven Incentives
Actionable Business Intelligence
  • Customer Satisfaction & Feedback Data
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Crystal Insights
AI/ML Powered Platform
  • One Unified Interface
  • In-Context Guidance, Tips & Decision Flows
  • AI/ML Enabled Quality Assurance
  • Eliminate Resource Planning and Forecasting
  • Make Customer-First Decisions
  • Always-On Engagement
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Drive More Revenue

Want consistently high CSAT scores?