2021: Retail’s Best Shot

A Unique Opportunity for H&M

How about a whole fleet of real human personal shopping assistants on your site at all times?


Truly Conversational Commerce

Our AI-enabled conversational commerce capabilities empower our network of actual human specialists to have personal consultative conversations with recommendations for your customers that help them buy.

Convert Browsers to Buyers

Drive More Repeat Purchases

Increase Average Order Value

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  • Mr. Person
  • Job Title

The People, the Technology, and the Data to Optimize CX for Driving Growth

Our conversational commerce capabilities were built with one goal in mind- give our customers a distinct competitive advantage by giving them the tools they need to provide a more seamless path to purchase for buyers.

Intelligent Routing to the Best Agent for Every Conversation

For any conversation that Simplr handles, the Simplr platform uses data to identify and assign specialists from our Human Cloud Network who historically have provided the highest quality service for your brand or category, so you know your customer is in the hands of an expert who is best suited to provide exceptional service, and drive conversions

Increase Cart Size with AI-Driven Product Recommendations

Simplr Specialists act as personal shopping assistants on your site, helping buyers buy, and helping you drive more revenue by providing intelligent product recommendations to customers with approved on-brand sales verbiage, all powered by Simplr’s AI Platform.

Measure & Optimize CX’s Impact of Revenue with Revenue Insights

Revenue Insights gives you intelligence into how Simplr and your own agents are impacting sales, driving conversions, and affecting wallet share of customers.

Simplr Revenue Insights dashboard allows leaders to look beyond the typical table-stakes operational customer service metrics and helps brands optimize their CX strategy to provide meaningful experiences that actually make a difference on the bottom line.