Simplr + Gorgias:

The core CX stack for ecommerce revenue growth

Transform your customer service from a cost center to a revenue driver with the duo that enables you to provide fast always-on service that converts more visitors, and creates fans of your brand.

How Simplr Works with Gorgias to Enable Exceptional CX for Ecommerce Brands

Gorgias is an eCommerce-specific customer service helpdesk built for brands on Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. Gorgias centralizes customer support, integrating email, chat, phone, SMS, Facebook and Instagram all in one place, allowing customer support agents a holistic customer view and the benefit of automation and machine learning to respond to inquiries without losing personalization.

Provide exceptional service 24/7/365

Gorgias and Simplr enable brands to engage every customers for pre-sale conversation, even if it’s happening at midnight, ensuring no customer is left feeling neglected and no brand misses a revenue opportunity.

Convert more site visitors into customers

Prospective customers get their questions answered professionally and efficiently, reducing the likelihood of abandoned carts, and improving conversion rates on your site.

Drive more repeat purchases and increase customer lifetime value

The prevalence of online shopping options makes it easy for consumers to jump tabs and find competitor products when questions go unanswered. With industry leading response times over all digital channels, Simplr keeps customers loyal and increases engagement. Simplr and Gorgias pricing are incredibly competitive and your customer LTV will thank you.

Get the full story of your CX performance

Know exactly what’s working, and what’s not, with the powerful combination of Gorgias’ revenue and conversion influence reports and Simplr’s AI-enabled analytics dashboard highlighting your key experience gaps.

“Simplr jumping on board and assisting with our chat and email volume has been a blessing in disguise. It has truly been an incredible experience.”

Alexandria Collis

US Customer Experience Manager, Princess Polly

“Rock solid, reliable and friendly customer service during challenging times like the unprecedented one caused by the pandemic can delight our customers and provide a highly positive endorsement for many of our brands…”

Sarah Caplan

VP, E-Commerce, Steve Madden

“…This is why we put an emphasis on great customer service at Steve Madden and have partners like Simplr to help us accomplish this.”

Sarah Caplan

VP, E-Commerce, Steve Madden

Simplr Specialists Get Everything They Need to Solve Customer Problems and Stay on Brand

Sync your macros, knowledgebase materials, product information, and policy information from Gorgias to Simplr, so Simplr Specialists are always able to respond in your brand voice, with the right information, every time.

The result is a consistently excellent customer experience… at scale.

With Simplr + Gorgias, say hello to…
  • Increased conversions.
  • More repeat customers.
  • Expanded hours.
  • More ways to engage.
  • Raving fans of your brand.
  • CX that scales.

Get Full Visibility into all Simplr-Resolved Tickets in Gorgias

Every ticket resolved by Simplr displays in Gorgias the same way they would if they were taken by your team, so you get full visibility into every interaction with your customer in real-time.

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