On-demand customer service specialists for your Gorgias & Shopify Store.

Don’t leave your customers waiting. Get high quality answers to your customer emails, chats, and text messages. Outsource your customer service to our US-based, on-demand, 24/7 customer support specialists.

  1. Works with your existing tools (like Shopify Plus, Zendesk, Intercom, and Facebook Messenger) and connects in minutes
  2. Simplr completes an automated historical analysis of your customer question types and how you typically respond to customers
  3. Our machine learning and AI help Simplr Specialists answer your customer’s questions using your language and processes
  4. You turn Simplr Support on when you need it and pause it when you’ve got it covered
  5. Pay for what you use with no long-term commitments or minimum volume commitments
  • Scales up and down, anytime

    Our high-quality solution is US-based but also affordable – no huge volume or offshore call centers required.

    Working with budget-conscious companies, Simplr offers a “pay for what you use” model, giving businesses the flexibility to scale up or down at a moment’s notice.

  • Saves You Time & Money

    Speed up or slow down Simplr’s customer support platform at any time. If the service is no longer needed, there’s no long term commitment required.

    Our free trial offer and speedy onboarding lets you gauge your outsourcing readiness without distracting from your core business (or going through a six month RFP).

  • Top-Notch Service

    We engineer unforgettable customer experiences. Simplr can on-board in a matter of hours, as opposed to weeks, and jump in to solve your customer support problems fast and effectively (including technical support).

    Each Simplr partner gets access to a customized dashboard to see the number of resolutions, first response time and star ratings in addition to all questions that Simplr responds to in your support system.

  • Compatible with your existing help desk

    Simplr provides easy integrations with the most common e-commerce, billing and shipping platforms. This gives our Simplr Specialists the ability to support your customer needs end-to-end.

    We can answer pre-sale customer questions within 48 hours of completing our automated analysis of historical conversations, existing scripting/macros, and available knowledge base articles. Over the course of the first 90 days, our partners typically have us start ramping up their post-sale customer questions. The percentage of post-sale volume varies based on e-commerce backend systems and partner’s preference on question types to outsource.

“Outsourcing something that’s so close to your brand is always going to make you nervous, but outsourcing provides such flexibility that a company like ours just doesn’t have.”

Summer Bridwell, Senior Customer Experience Manager, Tecovas

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