Customer service solutions by Simplr

Our US-based, on-demand 24/7 customer service solutions can be up and running for your business within hours.

How Simplr Takes Customer Service to the Next Level

  • LEARN. Simplr uses machine learning to analyze and evaluate your company’s needs and voice. This quick historical analysis equips our people with a voice that’s unique to your brand. That’s how we’re able to get up and running so fast.
  • STAFF. Simplr has a high-quality network of U.S-based work-from-home Simplr Specialists – they’re ready to roll when you are. All Simplr Specialists are native English speakers and have passed rigorous background and empathy tests. As a result, the caliber of Simplr’s responses is exceptionally high.
  • RESPOND. Our unique blend of proprietary processes and AI vet and triage each customer’s question to drive quick responses. Certain questions or leads that you want your own team to answer are immediately sent back to your system. Instead of eight weeks of classroom training, we use machine learning in our Simplr platform to give humans instant access to knowledge and the right answers to resolve customer questions.
  • IMPROVE. Simplr analyzes trends in your customer questions to automatically generate and A/B test new customer messaging. Our customer survey tool is used to improve customer experience and generate actionable business intelligence. We want to make sure you’re hitting all your customer experience KPIs.
  • 24/7 U.S.-Based Human Support

    Our outsourced solution utilizes the brightest US-based, work-from-home Simplr Specialists that are ready for your customer volume – any day, any time.

    Every applicant must pass rigorous background and empathy tests before becoming a team member and Simplr Specialist. As a result, the caliber of Simplr’s work is a cut (way) above traditional contact centers and customer service outsourcers.

  • Saves You Money

    Outsourcing your customer support with Simplr is 40% more affordable than an in-house solution. Because you pay per resolution, you only pay for results.

    There are no contracts, no minimums, and no hidden fees with Simplr. Since onboarding is done in a matter of hours, no resources are lost to trainings or RFPs. We’re built for the needs and budgets of high-growth businesses.

  • Quick and On Demand

    Simplr can start helping your customers in a matter of hours. Scale up customer support when it’s busy, scale down when it’s not.

    No need for lengthy trainings, thanks to Simplr’s AI-powered historical analyses. Ramp up Simplr’s outsourced solution for peak seasons, new product launches, or the unexpected spike in customer volume. Scale down Simplr when you don’t need it – no fee or explanation required.

  • Makes You Money

    By offering 24/7, rapid-fire pre-sale support, Simplr can help drive more customers to checkout.

    We want your business to succeed. Online shopping is a 24/7 experience, and your customer support should mirror that trend. By giving customers what they want – fast and empathetic support both during and after business hours – your leads are more likely to convert and less likely to leave or abandon their cart.

Convert more leads through outsourced pre-sale customer support

Proactive support is one of the best ways to gain trust, prevent a bad review, and convert a potential customer into a paying customer.

Staffing 24/7/365 coverage, when customers expect “always on” availability can be expensive with traditional solutions. That’s why we’re here and offer one of the most unique sales support outsourcing solutions and managed live chat outsourcing services on the market.

Common Customer Support Service Questions To Ask:

  • “How does your product work?” We’ll answer all your future customer’s questions about your products and service. Our Simplr Platform uses your historical conversations and knowledge base (along with new content that we generate for you), to give personalized advice to customers to close the sale.
  • “Is this one available? How much does it cost?” Quick responses to these questions through our managed live chat solution can account for up to 49% of the qualities that make customers feel comfortable purchasing from a website for the first time.
  • “You should [insert brilliant business idea here].” We don’t just answer questions. We’ll also collect insights across thousands of customer interactions to generate business intelligence to improve your products and services (and be on the lookout for possible issues). These insights are available in real-time on the Simplr dashboard.


Of companies don’t respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner. Don’t be like them.

Common Customer Service Solution Example

  • “Can I tell you that you’re A-M-A-Z-I-N-G?!” Yes, you can! We collect all positive feedback and share insights on your store’s business dashboard.
  • “You sent me the wrong one 🙁 .” Uh oh. Simplr Specialists can give quick and friendly responses that will not only solve a customer’s problem, but discourage them from leaving a bad review.
  • “I think I want to break up with you. Can you cancel my subscription?” We don’t like to see customers go, either. But we can ensure that they leave on a high note, and perhaps come back one day.
About Us

Simplr was founded by a group of corporate executives-turned-entrepreneurs who were determined to create the next best thing in outsourced customer service. They noticed major cost and labor inefficiencies in the traditional model, and decided to disrupt the whole thing… with the help of the American remote workforce and some cutting-edge AI technology.

Simply put, Simplr is a customer service solution company that lets companies design an outsourced and on-demand solution that meets the needs of their business – no matter how big or small. Simplr delivers maximum flexibility with no contracts and the ability to ramp up or down anytime. Bye bye, call centers! For more information, please see our FAQ page.

Outsourcing with Simplr – Testimonials and Reviews

Simplr Supports Enterprise Company Asurion

“The team at Simplr doesn’t just ‘set it and forget it.’ Instead, they continuously improve the automations by actively monitoring CSAT and make adjustments based on feedback. In case we need to change a process or update the automations, the Simplr’s ops team has our back 24/7.” Shawn Kelly, Director of Major Appliance Repair Operations,

Kettle & Fire Gets Immediate Backlog Relief During Volume Surge

“Simplr was the perfect fit when I needed immediate help due to a volume spike. The team is extremely professional, knowledgeable and always looking for ways to be a bigger help.” Christopher Curry, Head of Customer Support at Kettle & Fire Background: Kettle & Fire is on a mission to share the benefits of bone broth

Princess Polly Reduces Phone Volume by 46% with Simplr’s 24/7 Live Chat Staffing

Simplr jumping on board and assisting with our chat and email volume has been a blessing…It has truly been an incredible experience.  Alexandria Collis, Director of Operations, Princess Polly Princess Polly is an Australian-based e-commerce fashion brand known for its trendy clothes, unique brand voice to its Gen Z audience, and personalized shopping experiences.  The