COVID-19: Surging Customer Support Requests

Only pay for the customer support you are using, not for what you guess you’ll need. Our 24/7 on-demand customer support scales up and down instantly and consistently replicates your top performing agents.

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Quality service with no downtime costs.

Our network of remote, on-demand specialists replicate your best reps to handle any volume at any time. Delivering high-quality, best-in-class response times used to be expensive, until now. Only pay for results–not downtime or inefficiency.

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“Simplr was the perfect fit when I needed immediate help due to a volume spike. The team is extremely professional, knowledgeable and always looking for ways to be a bigger help.”
  • Christopher Curry
  • Head of CS at Kettle & Fire


  • long term contracts.
  • agent attrition.
  • extensive training.
  • training costs.
  • surge pricing.
  • attendance issues.

Hello Simplr.

Simplr’s pricing structure is simple and gimmick-free.

Eliminate the onboarding, training and attrition costs of traditional BPO.

  1. 24/7/365 coverage
  2. Email, chat, and social direct messages
  3. Flexibility to scale up and down instantly
  4. No recruiting costs
  5. No classroom training costs
  6. No equipment or license costs
  7. No implementation fees
  8. No overtime

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With Simplr customer service, you’ll always have on-demand staffing to answer your customers’ questions. We’re here for you.