COVID-19: On-demand support means your budget has zero waste.

Most leaders feel overwhelmed when the unexpected impacts the customer experience. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is the ultimate “unexpected.” With Simplr customer service, only pay for results–not downtime or inefficiency. 24/7 coverage with the ability to scale up and down instantly.

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Scale flexibility with Simplr

Budgeting for the right amount of customer support just got a lot harder. With our variable cost outsourcing solution, only pay for results–not downtime or inefficiency.

Simplr customer service is a network of (human) remote specialists who can respond to chats, emails, and text messages as well as your highest-performing, most-tenured CS team member or BPO agent with the ability to scale quickly in a time of need.

“The cost for us to get started with Simplr was nothing, and that was a very big shock. It’s like we save money… we always know where we stand every month. That’s a great product to us.”
  • Peggy Baker
  • CX Lead at ‘47


  • long term contracts.
  • agent attrition.
  • extensive training.
  • training costs.
  • surge pricing.
  • attendance issues.

Hello Simplr transparent per solved ticket pricing

Simplr’s pricing structure is simple and gimmick-free.

Eliminate the onboarding, training and attrition costs of traditional BPO.

  1. 24/7/365 coverage
  2. Email, chat, and social direct messages
  3. Flexibility to scale up and down instantly
  4. No recruiting costs
  5. No classroom training costs
  6. No equipment or license costs
  7. No implementation fees
  8. No overtime

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With Simplr customer service, you’ll always have on-demand staffing to answer your customers’ questions. We’re here for you.

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