Introducing Simplr’s Partnership with Gladly


Empowering Brands to Provide Scalable, Fast, Personal Customer Service… Around the Clock With Gladly Integrations

Customer experience and customer service leaders face a major challenge- a challenge that is getting more and more amplified by the day: the expectations of the NOW Customer are rising, and the traditional contact center is struggling to adapt.  

We all know the NOW Customer because they are ALL of our customers. They are the customer who expects customer service responses to be quick, empathetic, and on their timeline. The truth is, the NOW Customer is comparing the experience with your brand to the best experiences they’ve ever had. 

Those types of service levels, though not unreasonable at all, are a lot easier said than done for most brands. It takes a significant resource investment in a traditional contact center to have agents trained up and available around the clock.

That is why we are extremely excited to announce our integration and partnership with Gladly to empower brands to break free of the constraints of the old-school contact center and provide scalable personal customer service…without breaking the bank.  

Gladly + Simplr = Scalable, Personal Customer Service, All the Time 

The Gladly platform and Simplr share important common values around customer experience: it should always be empathetic and personal across every interaction, and customer experience should be managed as a revenue-driver, not a cost center, for your business.  

Combining Simplr with Gladly’s omni-channel platform now makes it possible for brands to deliver 24/7 coverage across all digital channels and provides fast and personal service that helps brands avoid backlogs and capture pre-sale revenue. Specifically, this integration allows companies to:

  • Instantly Scale Support to Meet Demand: Simplify forecasting cycles, avoid long wait times, and make sure customers get their answers as quickly as possible. The only sure thing about predicting the staffing you’ll need is that you’re always unsure. Surges and bursts in customer service requests happen all the time thanks to unpredictable circumstances. But customers don’t care how many requests you’re inundated with, they care about getting an answer as fast as possible, no matter what. With Simplr and Gladly, brands can now quickly scale up and down coverage to meet their consumers’ demands during unforeseen spikes or even help meet seasonal needs. 
  • Expand Service Capacity and Hours: Gladly customers can now take advantage of Simplr’s always-on Human Cloud Network who are ready to resolve inquiries at any time of day or night. Customers expect service on their terms, not yours, and offering around-the-clock service could be the difference between a customer buying from you or moving on to a competitor. Simplr gives CX leaders who leverage Gladly the peace of mind that their customers can always connect with a live specialist who’s equipped to deliver the best possible experience, while also helping lighten the load for the brand’s internal agents. 
  • Be Personal and Accurate, Every Time: Simplr’s integration with Gladly allows brands to have the confidence that every interaction will be as personal as possible.  By syncing customer and product data from Gladly to Simplr’s specialist interface, any Simplr specialist in our Human Cloud Network is able and ready to provide service as high-quality and personal as your own agents. Not only that, but for follow-on interactions, and any potential escalations, every conversation a Simplr specialist has is synced back to Gladly in a single-threaded conversation view, so your agents can pick back up without skipping a beat.  

To learn more about how Simplr and Gladly help transform CX from a cost-center to a personal, scalable, revenue driver for your business, please reach out: 

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