Responsiveness vs. Empathy: How to Create Customer Experiences that Stand Out

In online CX, responsiveness and empathy reign supreme, but many CX leaders and their teams feel that they’ve got to make a choice to prioritize one or the other. What if, instead of making the tough choice between fast-yet-robotic or empathetic-yet-slow, you didn’t have to choose? 

In this webinar, you’ll learn the secrets of how to combine the powers of responsiveness and relatability to deliver customer experiences that stand out for all the right reasons.

On-Demand Webinar highlights:

  • Why fast customer response times matter more than ever
  • Why empathetic and relatable CX is key to successful customer interactions
  • What you may be sacrificing if you think of responsiveness and empathy as an either-or prioritization
  • How you can create experiences that stand out by harnessing the power of both responsiveness and empathy

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Justin Cruz

Senior Client Success Manager Stella Connect lli


Anastasia Zdoroviak
Customer Experience Senior Manager DoorDash


Jenny Dempsey

Customer Experience Manager NumberBarn